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January 20, 2017
Stages Of Relationships
January 20, 2017


One beautiful thing about good music is this no matter how long old the song is, though other songs will be on the trends, competing to be on top of the chart list, then few months later it’s nowhere to be found on the chart, and worst the song gradually fades out from the hearing, but this song  JILEX – AFRO LOVER is an evergreen.

His style is a cut from Hip-Hop, AFRO, and R&B and he titles this song “AFRO LOVER” which stands for a term he calls his partner.

AFRO LOVER is more than just a love song as it stages a flawless mix of an entire lifetime of experiences carved in western tune and African rhythm, which touches different areas of love life as it has all it takes to remain relevant in centuries to come & believe me it will surely stand the test of time. Trust this valentine will be special as the song will steal every woman’s heart.
JILEX – AFRO LOVER was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by DANJA. This tune has proved to be the legit follow up to his debut single SLIDE IN. Let’s  just hope this means a larger project is imminent.

shey you like kisses in the morning girl for real, come here make i give, make i be your motivation make you be by muse, make we break rules giel nobody fit know….

i’m singing the song already, i just love this young man did on this songs, he’d really put in lot of hard work to come up with a beautiful piece like this, no doubt this are one of those songs that are carefully composed not the usual, hey yo! producer play the beat i want spit on the mic, i feel like free styling,  No not this song, it has been carefully cooked to satisfy your hearing





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