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Falz- Jeje

This is still your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle website www.9jahotstars.com, hope you are having a good time, you know it’s Friday, one amongst the favorite days of the week, and we’ve been making sure you get sweet music to spice up your day and your weekend, Falz – Jeje is up next.

I’m liking this one every moment it’d been played, and the title on this Jeje does really blend in the mood, to our readers abroad, Jeje simply Take it easy, and on this song Falz – Jeje, FalzTheBahdGuy had use them on a lady.

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If I could remember clearly, he had release a single titled Baby Boy a couple of months ago, of course Falz special act of singing music is a special craft I admire since day one he came into spotlight. The music video is a must watch featuring Top NollyWood actors would love to go into details but I can’t, Its still Falz – Jeje on point, so I’ll try as much as possible to stay on track.

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All the cloth you de wear Na chassis

This your cat work be like you de practise

All the moves you de burst na Chana

All the talk wey you talk make me loose gard o

Baby do me je je je jejely oh
I beg you do jejely ooo

I thought as much as giving you a tip off the ice, I’m sure you’re gonna love it, take it Jejely when you’re listening to Falz – Jeje.

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It’s about time we get this song on our devices, don’t forget this is still your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle website www.9jahotstars.com

Frank Edward – Wetin You No Fit Do is next, I’m getting in the spirit

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