This Is What Jaywon Has To Say About SARS Officers Disrupting His Birthday Party



Singer Jaywon has opened up about the incident that involved SARS officers disrupting his birthday party yesterday, June 6th.

Videos of SARS officers allegedly disrupting the party of the singer has been making the rounds on social media, a video was also shared by rapper Ruggedman.

According to Linda Ikeji Blog, Jaywon’s manager, Derek, made it known that the video making the rounds on social media is actually not the true picture.

According to Derek, a guest at the party got drunk and was misbehaving outside the singer’s premises.

Members of the estate who were uncomfortable with the noise the drunk guest was making alerted the estate security who in turn alerted SARS officers to take the drunk guest out of their estate.

Jaywon came out and was able to mediate in the matter. He took his drunk guest back into his compound. Derek says this is what transpired last night.

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