Wednesday, September 18, 2019

9jahotstars Mobile App

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⭐The 9jahotstars Mobile App provides you a wide range of contents on our website to explore on the main categories ranging from hottest music, lyrics, news, lifestyle, tech, fashion, event, and so many other sub-categories like dating and relationship tips, health, recipes to explore wider range of interests all available on the Best News Entertainment App.


News: Get quick access to the hottest trending news using the 9jahotstars Mobile App, there is also the break down of news into sub-categories like GIST for all of your entertainment update including celebrity news & gossips, LOCAL for the latest News In Nigeria, INTERNATIONAL providing you the updates on what's happening on the outside world, SPORT: get information on football teams, players and match highlights making our App 360 Free News App.


Music: Enjoy the best of the Best Africa Music on the app. Are you a fan of latest music as it hits the internet, then the 9jahotstars Mobile App is your latest Music App Companion.


Lyrics: This is one of the most interesting part of the 9jahotstars Mobile App. On the Lyrics session, you can sing along your favorite music, we have thousands of lyrics from Artistes and still updating. Start singing to your favorite with the Best Lyrics App.


Fashion: When it's comes to the latest, Hottest, and Trendy Fashion Information on fashion brands, clothing & wears, accessories, anything at all, so long as it's fashion we've got you covered.


Events: Want the latest information about new upcoming events, or updates on past events, you can get all that info on the 9jahotstars Mobile App with just a simple click away.


Lifestyle: In this category, you'll find literally everything that makes up a daily life, ranging from Dating & Relationship, Health Tips, Food & Recipe, Travel Information and Updates, and much more. this session is just another exciting part of the 9jahotstars Mobile App to have as your Hottest Entertainment and Lifestyle Companion.


Tech: We've got updates in the world of technology. Get access to Tips and tricks, How-To Tutorials, information about latest gadgets, phones, Laptop & Pc and so much more.

9jahotstars App Features

9jahotstars Mobile App enables you to save a favorite post to read when offline, saving you extra time and data

Infinite news feed when you swipe down to (can also be viewed categorically)

Stream and download audio, images, audios, and videos

Search Function enabled

Supports sharing to your favorite social networks


Our mobile app is available for use to everyone and is free to download


9jahotstars app is quite a phenomenon,bringing Hot entertainment news and gossips within a simple click of the phone…Good job guys…more grace and more inspiration. so much in love with this app, getting trending news and latest music has never been a problem..please keep up the good work..9jahotstars all the way
It’s about time, after years of following your blog for my favourite trends, 9jahotstars decides to make my day with this app 😃🤗. Much love to y’all, keep the updates coming.
Thumbs 9jahotstars, you definitely stepped up with this awesome mobile app, enabling users to access all of the information on the website via the Mobile App with ease. I love you 😍😍😍
the app is a blast if you don’t have this app your missing a lot
It has that all in one package, you’re gonna love it


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