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Lord of Ajasa Really Needs Your Support Financially To Undergo a Peptic Ulcer Operation


Veteran Nigerian hip hop artist, Olusegun Osaniyi otherwise known as Lord Of Ajasa is criticality ill and needs funds to undergo a Peptic Ulcer Operation.

Lord of Ajasa is currently at the Ikorodu General Hospital where he’s receiving treatment.

According to Alariwo of Africa who shared the story,

‘he needs to be moved to a better and more equipped hospital so as to get the BEST medical attention. I got a message from his wife begging me to speak to his colleagues to save her husband. When I called Ajasa earlier today, he confirmed that the story is true.

‘Let’s all come together as fast as we can to help out as nothing is to small..Supporting him financially to stay alive is the best remedy than saying sorry, which we reject in JESUS name. Send your donation to his account details: 0015198342 Osaniyi olusegun GTB..GOD Bless us all’ he wrote.

See more photos and video below:

5 Things To Know About Big Brother Naija 2019 Happening In Nigeria [9HS GIST]

bbnaija 2019

Multichoice Nigeria has announced some of its plans for the fourth edition of the Big Brother Naija reality show.

Here are five important things the show organisers revealed as a press conference today.

The Big Brother House this time will be in Nigeria and construction is underway.
Auditions for this year’s edition will hold in eight locations on February 1st and 2nd: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, Ibadan, Benin and Enugu.

This year’s edition will last for 90 days.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu will continue as the host for this edition.

Headline sponsor for this year is Bet9ja and they’ve promised lots of giveaways.

See more information on audition venues below:


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#BBNaija2019 is set to take Africa by storm⚡…Guess where it’s going down? NIGERIA! 🇳🇬

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Mayorkun Opens a Barbing Saloon in Ilasamaja, Lagos For His Uncle [9HS GIST]

Mayorkun Opens a Barbing Saloon in Ilasamaja, Lagos For His Uncle [9HS GIST]

Mayorkun, started off the year by setting up a barbing salon for his uncle in Ilasamaja area of Lagos.

Mayorkun who said this was a way of giving back to the community he grew up in, told his fans to patronize the barbing salon. See his post below;

The DMW act who dumped his banking job to pursue a career in music, started off in the industry officially in 2013 after releasing his first track along with his friends, titled GBO. Davido stumbled upon a 14 seconds YouTube video where Mayokun re-sang Davido’s song which impressed him, and led to a meeting.

On March 3rd 2016, Mayorkun signed a record deal with Davido’s imprint HKN Gang. He rose to prominence in 2016 with the release of the song “Eleko”, which hit over 1 Million views on YouTube 9 days after it was published and also topped the iTunes chart as number 1 .



REVENGE: Kylie Jenner Has Physically Broken “The Poor Egg” That Got More Likes Than Her On Instagram – Hahaha [9HS GIST]

REVENGE: Kylie Jenner Has Physically Broken

Kylie Jenner has reacted to being dethroned by an egg for ‘Most Liked Photo on Instagram’, a showdown that caught people’s attention. If you miss the story click here to read BOOM!!! ORDINARY EGG Beat Kylie Jenner ‘Most Liked Instagram Post’ [9HS GIST]

We reported that Kylie Jenner was knocked off from the ‘Most Liked Photo on Instagram’ spot by the egg which has already garnered 22 million likes, against the business mogul’s photo which has over 18 million likes.

Kylie Jenner who reacted to being dethroned by the egg, shared a funny video of herself cracking a similar-looking brown egg on the ground. She captioned the video “take that little egg.”


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Take that little egg

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This came after the mystery persona behind the record-breaking Insta egg celebrated the achievement, by posting a message of gratitude to their supporters on the egg’s Instagram story.

“This is madness,” the message read.

“What a time to be alive. Thank you so much for all of your support and messages.

“I’m gonna try and get back to as many of you as possible. But for now I need to sleep.”

Their mission complete, the ‘Egg Gang’ assured their 1.7 million followers they were “just getting started” before signing off with a “mic drop”.


Nancy Isime Fires Nigerian airlines canceling flights without notice [9HS GIST]

Nancy Isime Fires Nigerian airlines canceling flights without notice [9HS GIST]

Nancy Isime, who was in Enugu State during the weekend for a movie premiere, took to her insta-story to rant about Nigerian airlines canceling flights without notice.

The HipTV presenter and actress who stated that ‘no concrete’ reason is always given for this, added Nigerian airlines don’t care if your trip is an emergency or a work trip.

According to Nancy, these Nigerian airlines who cancel flights don’t give a good option, as passengers have to wait for the rescheduled date or book another flight.

The media personality concluded her rant by stating that Nigerian are the problem, not the government. According to her, if the body of the fish is rotten, you sure know the head must be rotten. Read her posts below;


BEEF ALERT: Police Your Fellow Men – Toni Tones Fires Skuki [9HS GIST]

BEEF ALERT: Police Your Fellow Men - Toni Tones Fires Skuki [9HS GIST]

Toni Tones who reacted to an Instagram post by Skuki in which he stated that ‘any woman who calls herself king is a weak woman’, told him to stop policing women.

Skuki who disclosed that he gets surprised when women try to act like men just to show strength, had written;

It baffles me when some women try to act like men, just to show strength! #deadmove
Only weak women abandon their GOD-GIVEN FEMININE POWERS and try to be WHO THEY’RE NOT!
Think about it- Apart from physical strength, how much stronger than a woman is a man?
NOTE: Humans are both PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL. Men are stronger on the physical end, while women are stronger on the spiritual end.
Do you know why a man can have an orgasm in a minute?- It’s because his libido is tuned to the physical side of sex
Whether his mind is fully there or not, he would thrust-thrust and ejaculate
But a WOMAN who is MORE OF A SPIRITUAL BEING, has a libido that is more in tune with her spirit-side.
She needs to have her mind and thoughts in one place, before she gets a FULFILLING orgasm.
NOW LISTEN- Science proves that a woman’s orgasm is 9 times more intense than a man’s own. That right there, is SPIRITUAL ACCESS TO SEXUAL PLEASURE – Men don’t have that!
And so it goes in all other aspects of life! MEN ARRIVE FIRST, BUT WOMEN ARRIVE BETTER!
Even with SPERMS- which are the seeds of life! The male-sperm is faster, but the female-sperm is stronger.
DO YOU GET IT NOW??? Where a man’s strength stops, a woman’s own begins…
Therefore the women who try to imitate men are on a lost course… and apparently there are a lot of them in this generation!

However reacting to this, Toni Tones who advised Skuki to channel same energy to men who need more policing, added that someone calling themselves “King” does not make them weak.

According to her, Skuki shouldn’t be bothered with what anybody chooses to call themselves. She wrote;

However the singer who dropped a rejoinder after the backlash he got, wrote;

Replying to my last post about ‘WOMEN WHO CALL THEMSELVES KINGS’ some people commented:
COMMENT 1: If a woman has been through hell, and she feels she has completed a masculine feat, then she is free to call herself KING”
MY RESPONSE: The fact that you feel you must compare your STRENGTH to that of a man, before it can be SEEN as ‘strength’ shows your lack of faith in your feminine powers
With this contradicting-mentality, you BETRAY your gender, more than you stand for it.
COMMENT 2: Some men call themselves lions, just to show they are strong. So there’s nothing wrong with a woman calling herself KING, just to show she’s strong
MY RESPONSE: As a man it’s flattering that you compare yourself to us, just to feel strong. Thank you!
But I hope you know with your statement, you have totally de-valued the unique strength of QUEENS
I don’t know who did this to you, but this way-of-thinking, oozes of inferiority complex.
When a man describes himself as a lion, he speaks STRICTLY in terms of physical strength, and in that case he AGREES that the lion is ONLY physically-stronger.
So are you saying you agree that men are more powerful than women?
What are you representing exactly?
You want EQUALITY OF THE SEXES to be a reality, yet you’re denouncing your reality as a woman, to fight for the reality-of-women ??‍????‍??
Maybe you don’t realize it, but YOU HAVE DECAMPED!… lol.
You have simply joined the men, and now YOU’RE FIGHTING WOMANHOOD



Secondary school students excited to be suspended from school [9HS GIST]

Secondary school students excited to be suspended from school [9HS GIST]

A group of young secondary school students are currently trending on Facebook after showing excitement to be suspended from school.

The young boys who took to the social media website to make the post are currently receiving mixed responses as some of their friends are hailing and some other users wonder the kind of students that are being bred in Modern Day Schools.

It is not known what offence they committed, but the students seem to be in the final year in High School and rather consider the suspension as a medium to have more fun outside of school.

One of them wrote:

GOING on a suspension diet SS3 connect
Aje womoo king of boiz
Amala co ordinator
Omostate God of war
Shadow God of battle
On a low key

See reaction:

Abimbola Dawodu Who are your parents for crying out loud.. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Infact the school needs to expel you all because you are the bad eggs amongst others. If iam right, this is Ansarudeen school and you just gave the school a bad name. Shame



The Lagos State governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, says he is qualified to become the next governor of the state because he has served three governors of the state.

He said, among other achievements, he has garnered experience both in the public and private sectors for 13 and 17 years respectively.

Sanwo-Olu stated this on Sunday at the 2019 Lagos Governorship Debate, organised by The Platform, an initiative of the Covenant Christian Centre aired on Channels TV.

He said, “To be the governor of Lagos State, I’ve had a unique opportunity in the last 30 years to come up with a pedigree of having served three governors.

“I’ve had public sector experience for 13 years and I’ve had private sector experience for 17 years.

“I’ve been an investment banker, I’ve run the treasury of three financial institutions and I’ve been head of corporate banking. I’ve run the balance sheets at the very highest level of three financial institutions.”

The governorship candidate added, “I’ve been a three-time commissioner, having served three different governors.

“At one time, I was an acting Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, which means I oversaw the preparation of budget of Lagos State twice.

“I’ve been the Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, which means I had the opportunity to set up the Lekki Free Trade Zone.”


IN GHANA: Pamela Watara, Ghanaian model reported to posses the biggest breasts [9HS GIST]

Pamela Watara

Pamela Watara, the 21-year-old Ghanaian model is reported to be the model with the largest & heaviest breasts in the country.

She has possessed a slim physique, big butt, big breasts, light and dark skin and long legs and are photos have recently been going viral across the West African country.

Celebrity models are pursued for what they have been endowed it for various ads, programmes and advocacy.

One of such persons is Pamela Watara, a level 200 Marketing student at Wisconsin University in Accra.

The Kenyan-Ghanaian born told Yen News that she is now famous because of her breast size.

According to her, she is being featured in music videos because of her “features.”

“Many people are featuring me in music videos because of my features,” she said.

She rubbished claims that her heavy breasts are fake,

“It is natural and I’m proud of it.”

BOOM!!! ORDINARY EGG Beat Kylie Jenner ‘Most Liked Instagram Post’ [9HS GIST]


Kylie Jenner has lost the ‘Most Liked Instagram Post’ position which she occupied on the platform with a photo of her daughter Stormi, to an egg.

Kylie Jenner lost the ‘Most Liked Instagram Post’ title to the egg on Sunday, and the photo was shared on an account called world_record_egg … which was created earlier this month with only one goal — beat Kylie on IG.

See the egg that beat Kylie Jenner

The business mogul’s post from last February showing Stormi squeezing her mom’s thumb with her tiny baby hands was the record holder, however the photo of the egg just passed Kylie’s milestone of 18,186,810 likes on Instagram, and the number is still rising.


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