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”My goal in life is to sleep with Wizkid” – Nigerian lady says (Video) – #9HSGIST

”My goal in life is to sleep with Wizkid” – Nigerian lady says (Video) - #9HSGIST

A Nigerian lady identified as Real Okoye Uche who obviously wanted to sound controversial, has got tongues wagging after revealing one of her goals in life.

“Dem dey f**k Chioma for London” – Kemi Olunloyo shares chat between Davido’s hypeman, Spesh and a friend


It has been revealed that Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma is having an affair with multi men London. This information is courtesy of the screenshot of a chat which was shared by Kemi Olunloyo.

The chat screenshot clearly shows Davido’s head of Corporate sponsorship, King Spesh, accusing Chioma of “f**king” other men while she’s in London and he also stated that singer, Peruzzi knows about it.

Sharing the screenshots, Kemi Olunloyo wrote,

#SurvivingDavido Now his own Director of Corporate Sponsorship King Spesh of #DMW says Chioma is having sex with multiple men “them they fuck Chioma” whenever she comes to London and claims another artist in the label Peruzzi “knows it all”. Is Peruzzi among them? Poor Davido😱😁

Read the quite shocking chat below;

Dillish Mathews replies troll who called her boo Emmanuel Adebayor ‘Ugly’ (Screenshot) – #9HSGIST

Dillish Mathews replies troll who called her boo Emmanuel Adebayor ‘Ugly’ (Screenshot) - #9HSGIST

Former Big Brother Africa winner, Dillish Mathews has given a prefect response to a troll who called her boyfriend, Emmanuel Adebayor ‘Ugly.’

It all started when she shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend enjoying a date on Valentine’s Day on her IG page. The troll took to the comments section and wrote: ‘ ’When money makes a man cute…issh.’

Dillish quickly replied the troll telling him to stop acting like a kid.

See Dillish’s comment below.

“I can tell you that we have not abandoned Baba Suwe”- Mr Latin – #9HSGIST

“I can tell you that we have not abandoned Baba Suwe”- Mr Latin - #9HSGIST

Movie makers, under the aegis of Theatre Arts and Motions Pictures Producers’ Association of Nigeria (TAMPAN) have denied abandoning one of its members, Babatunde Omidina, in the hospital.

Speaking with reporters in Abeokuta yesterday, the National President of the association, Bolaji Amusan, Mr Latin, said the report was sponsored by mischief-makers to discredit TAMPAN.

Amusan said the association had been taking care of the veteran actor’s medical bills since 2017, under the administration of immediate-past President, Dele Odule.

He said: “I have just instructed the Lagos State executive of the association to check on him (Baba Suwe) to ascertain his health progress.

“I can tell you that we have not abandoned Baba Suwe, as well as any of our members, as being speculated in some quarters by mischief-makers.”

However, Amusan said they had designed a new policy to help members of the association.

GHEN GHEN: Actress Liz Anjorin BLAST non fan who accused her of not assisting ailing actor Baba Suwe – #9HSGIST

Actress Liz Anjorin replies non fan who accused her of not assisting ailing actor Baba Suwe - #9HSGIST

Controversial actress, Lizzy Anjorin just bashed a follower who accused her of not assisting ailing actor, Baba Suwe.

The follower called on the actress to join hands with her colleagues to help the actor. Not having any of it, the actress placed curses on the follower.

However, a livid Liz cursed the IG user and also recounted how her colleagues in the industry abandoned her in time past.

Liz recounted how none of her colleagues showed concern when her mother was ill and died and that even when she died, most of her colleagues did not come for her funeral.

Read the comment from the non fan and her replies below;

You came to my page to be insulting and cursing me because of INDUSTRY issue?? My mother deserve my kindness…The hate in the INDUSTRY and from the journalist sent her to early grave …They did not allow her to eat the fruit of her labour …This is how I carry load on my head as Nigeria celebrity when I travelled for business in abroad because you will die if you envy my way of advertisements, if you dont mind your business on my ish*…
My mother battled stroke for good 4 years, I was in the court with a thief that stole my car all alone at this same time …what did my colleagues did to help me ?? Though they help to spread bad rumours.if you come to my page to drop any hate speech , I pray this same thing will happen to u and you will never come out of it insha Allah…Amin .
How many of them featured me in their movie/s or adopted me ?? Despite my generosity.. When my beloved mother died none of the artiste came …Except lepa shandy and Madam asewo toremecca ..the headline written by journalist…”COLLEAGUES SHUN LIZ ANJORIN MOTHER’S BURIAL” still linger in my brain.. Remember I can laugh with you but I will never betray my mother to mingle with some of you.
How many of my event do they attend to support me as a family ? Not just family ooo…Ask them all how humble and generous is liz anjorin ?? Do you all remember 2017 ? Owo naira bet premiere is a good example when saidi balogun and others gang against me … .if you come to my page to tell me who to assist , ogun will kill you and you die just like my mother …

Are you or your family dead when journalist always write ….colleagues shuns lizzy anjorin’s event over and over and over ??…life is vanity, learn how to show love to people, life is like a dice …
I had done my little to baba suwe since yesterday when a lady notify me though.

Ghanaian Actress Efia Odo Lectures Ladies On The Benefits Of Sperm – #9HSGIST

Ghanaian Actress Efia Odo Lectures Ladies On The Benefits Of Sperm - #9HSGIST

Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo has advised ladies on the health benefit of sperm. According to model and actress, Efia Odo, sperm is good for clearing pimples and this has got a lot of her followers on Twitter asking questions.

she wrote:

“Sperm is good for clearing pimples. Just in case any of y’all have acne issues”.

She also added that sperm can be stored in the fridge to make it last longer.

Check out some of the replies to her tweet below.

The last time we reported about Efia Odo was when she slammed ladies who have gone under the knife to make their body look perfect.

She said:

‘Nobody with a natural body goes hard to prove their body is natural it’s always chicks with fakes asses that be trying to prove to the world that their body is real.’

“The same celebs will beg Nigerians to donate for kidney problems surgery”- Sheyman shades celebrities – #9HSGIST

Sheyman shades celebrities

Singer, Sherman took to his Instagram Paget to rant about celebrities pulling others down.

In his post, he says he wonders why some celebrities do not like the idea of other celebrities doing well.

He wrote,

“Why do some stupid celebrities hate progress? Why don’t you want the next best man to rise? Why should he go and start from the bottom when he is fit for the task at the top? Can we at least help ourselves from poverty? Later you people will still be the same celebs to beg Nigerians to donate for your kidney problems surgery! Awon werey Oluriburuko! Check my page for more updates”.

He added, “My Rant is for the development of this country! Emulate fela and stop being a Hypocryte Oloshi….”

We really don’t know who Sheyman was referring to but it’s obvious someone got to his nerves, hence this public bashing.

Simi Rants On Nigeria’s Broken System And Accountability – #9HSGIST

Simi Rants On Nigeria’s Broken System And Accountability - #9HSGIST

Simisola Ogunleye, who simply goes by Simi, took to her twitter page to rant on how Nigeria is a scary place to live in.

According to her, crazy things happen and the people go scot free because there is no accountability in Nigeria.

She tweeted,

“Nigeria is a fucking scary place to be. The worst part is a lot of crazy stuff happens because they KNOW there will be no consequences. It’s not rocket science. But how do we get from where we are to where we need to be?? + it’s not just the government, it’s us too.

We’re just getting by. No confidence in this broken system. So we hope that today is good for us and that we see tomorrow. Rinse and repeat. Surviving, instead of actually living.

And then we have people fighting for leadership positions only to serve themselves. Not us. They really couldn’t give less of a fuck about us. STILL we turn on each other to serve them. So absolutely, ridiculously stupid! We’re supposed to be on the same side.

We outnumber them by millions. They should be accountable to us. They should be scared of us. Not the other way round. If they don’t want to do right because they should, they should do right cos we refuse to accept anything less.

But it’s not enough for only a few people to think this way. Because why on earth should I fight if I know you won’t have my back. Why on earth would you fight if you think I won’t fight with you? So you see – the problem is us.”

Michelle Dede schools naive photographer on why rªpe is not permissible – #9HSGIST

Michelle Dede schools naive photographer

Media personality, Michelle Dede slammed Nigerian photographer, Arinze Onyisi for saying girls who dress indecently deserve to be rªped.

Yesterday, Arinze took to social media to tell men to rape ladies who go out in an immodest dressing.

He wrote;

“So girls dress almost Unclad to malls and public places and you say they should not rªpe you. Iya laya yi. Won ma do aye e kuro. Won ma fi oko to buro ba aye e je… Tueh.”

However after being called out, he further wrote as he shared tweets by a woman who supported his view;

“LMAO vex all you want. Men if you see any indecently dressed lady, kindly rªpe her. Condom on me. Infact, do raw. Anything she see make she take. Tueh fools.”

So much negative reactions have trailed the tweet since yesterday.

Today, actress, Michelle Dede called the photographer out for thinking such vile act is appropriate.

She ripped the photographer’s thoughts apart till she felt her point she had schooled him to the point of remorse.

She wrote, “Dear @arinzeonyisi I use the term Dear very sarcastically in this caption. I’m not someone who ousts people on insta when they rip me off or upset me. However, as someone who advocates against s£xual abvse, your case is unacceptable!

Someone posted your what’s app stories in their insta stories & it was circulated, till I was tagged a short while ago. My initial reaction was to call someone so I could get you arrested. Instead, I’ve decided to attempt to educate you, in the hope that this form of public RE-education will be a permanent deterrent to you & a reminder that many now know who you are.

1. Rªpe Is Not And Will Never Be Acceptable!

2. I don’t know how old you are, nor do I care, because from your posts I can only conclude that You Lack The Emotional And Mental Intellect to know that Rªpe Is Wrong, if you did you would never have posted what you did.

3. There are black & white areas when it comes to many things in life, but not in the case of rªpe!

4. Rªpe Is A Crime. Forcing someone to have s£x against their will is an offence.

5. Following the recent arrests of the two men who rªped/video taped the rªpe of a woman in a hotel room & ARE NOW BOTH IN POLICE CUSTODY, only a fool would type, share what you did via any form of social media.

6. Read 1-5 again, then ask yourself slowly Am I Arinze A Fool?

7.There are orgs like @standtoendrape @mirabelcentreng@dsvrt @cece_yara @projectalertvawng @warif_ng@nomore234ng who devote their time to help survivors & victims parents get justice from abusers, they & other orgs/individuals have successfully gotten rªpists convicted. Hundreds of women, girls & boys lives are ruined after they have been abvsed. Many do not survive, many go on to battle years of emotional & mental trauma as a result of rªpe, yet you post about it as a joke! I fear for the women and models you work with now!.

8.There Is Nothing Funny About Rªpe!

9. A woman wearing a short skirt does not cause rªpe! Neither does a woman who is covered in a hijab who gets rªped, nor does a two month old baby or a ten year old boy!

10. Rªpe Is Caused By Rªpists.

11. Let me also remind you of what usually happens to convicted rªpists, they end up in jail. They are s£xually abvsed/ beaten by other inmates. I doubt Kiriri would be a nice holiday location.

12. As you have suddenly made your private public from public and posted an apology, I hope these points above will assist you with further “Learning” right from wrong. P.s @arinzeonyisi . I see you are following me, considering the kinds of advocacy posts I have posted and will continue to, unfollowing me would be a good idea at this point.

“Except I die, music is the only thing that can make me happy”- Teni – #9HSGIST

“Except I die, music is the only thing that can make me happy”- Teni - #9HSGIST

Teni Apata, popularly known as Teni The Entertainer, says there is no pressure on her to release a debut album.

Despite releasing a string of hit songs in 2018, Teni says her focus is to create more “good music and have fun”.

Speaking about her decision to take up song-making as a career, she described it as the “easiest thing” to do.

“Except I die, that (music) is the only thing that can make me happy. That is the easiest thing I do, any other thing I do, I will be working hard. Music is something you can wake me up and I can do it. It is a gift,” she said.

Teni, who is a sibling of Afro-house singer Niniola Apata, said she is her sister’s biggest fan.

She disclosed that Niniola motivated her to run her music career independently.

“Nini told me from day one, go and do your own thing. And to me, that has been the most liberating thing, doing my own thing, in my own way,” she said.

Teni said she was disappointed when Niniola emerged third runner-up during the sixth season of Project Fame West Africa in 2013.

The social media sensation listed Seyi Shay, Simi, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade and Bisola Aiyeola as some of the female artistes she looks forward to collaborating with.

The tomboyish singer is presently on a tour of 20 cities around the world.

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