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One beautiful thing about good music is this no matter how long old the song is, though other songs will be on the trends, competing to be on top of the chart list, then few months later it’s nowhere to be found on the chart, and worst the song gradually fades out from the hearing, but this song  JILEX – AFRO LOVER is an evergreen.

His style is a cut from Hip-Hop, AFRO, and R&B and he titles this song “AFRO LOVER” which stands for a term he calls his partner.

AFRO LOVER is more than just a love song as it stages a flawless mix of an entire lifetime of experiences carved in western tune and African rhythm, which touches different areas of love life as it has all it takes to remain relevant in centuries to come & believe me it will surely stand the test of time. Trust this valentine will be special as the song will steal every woman’s heart.
JILEX – AFRO LOVER was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by DANJA. This tune has proved to be the legit follow up to his debut single SLIDE IN. Let’s  just hope this means a larger project is imminent.

shey you like kisses in the morning girl for real, come here make i give, make i be your motivation make you be by muse, make we break rules giel nobody fit know….

i’m singing the song already, i just love this young man did on this songs, he’d really put in lot of hard work to come up with a beautiful piece like this, no doubt this are one of those songs that are carefully composed not the usual, hey yo! producer play the beat i want spit on the mic, i feel like free styling,  No not this song, it has been carefully cooked to satisfy your hearing

  1. Afro Lover || 9jahotstars.com JiLEX 3:43


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Download Audio: Team Royal [Alaya, 6ixkilo, Ramona, B Dot] – Anthem

Team Royal - Anthem
Team Royal - Anthem

Team Royal – Anthem

next up is Team Royal – Anthem but before that, thank God it’s Friday, the weekend is here, at least we all have to take a break on what we’re doing all through the week. it hasn’t been easy trying to meet up with the economy with our various works of life.
i hope i’m right this, for most of you Team royal kinda sounded new to you, well don’t be surprise because this is the first time i’m also hearing about it, but be ready as Team Royal are coming out strong with their latest song titled Anthem

without further ado, let’s ride into the weekend with this song Team Royal – Anthem

prod. by six kilo

DOWNLOAD AUDIO: Royal Team – Anthem

Domestic Violence and Discrimination Against Women


While governments are working to try to resolve this issue of Domestic Violence and Discrimination Against Women they have not realized the role religions play in the behavior of many men. Women are blamed for their sins as their minds are unable to get away from the Adam and Eve story. In it Eve caused Adam to sin and was, therefore, the evil personification of all women that lead men astray. They have never stopped the punishment because no one has told them how the story is a lie.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it commissioned me to tear down the wall that hides the truth and restore its people.

It then took me on a huge learning curve to understand where the myths on which religions are based have their roots. In order to complete the mission many visions were also given.

In one such vision a line stretched out in front and along it were people. An extremely bright light rose from me and it arched over the line to the far end where EVE was written in large capital letters.

The middle was labelled NOON and my position as EVENING. The bright light is the Spirit of the real God and Eve means ‘eye of life’. The ends were, therefore, extremely bright but the middle was in darkness.

The vision showed that Eve was not a woman but the Spirit of the Universe and it entered a group of people and seeded them with life.

They have been nurtured, broken down, and rebuilt many times as torture and death came their way throughout the course of the length of the day. It is some 4,000 years long as Jesus Christ was the man on the cross at noon where there was no light.

The reason is because the so-called Saviour was an invention by Constantine who established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD. He was Islamic and an Amorite.

The Amors resided originally in the city of Babylon and the sun-star image, Mary, was the foundation of organised religion. They are better known as the Persians who built a huge empire throughout Mesopotamia.

They expanded into the Mediterranean and built their new Capital ‘Roma’, which is ‘Amor’ in reverse. As the Romans they continued to grow their empire based on the same principles.

The emperor put Mary in it as the Mother of God because the people would never have abandoned her. Brainwashed from birth they grow up with her as their chief god and they are encouraged to pray to her constantly.

Priests are celebrant because they are supposedly ‘married’ to ‘Mary’.

Men died on crosses at Easter (eye-star) to mate with the Queen of Heaven and live as her ‘star’ forever in Paradise or heaven.

These places do not exist and hell is the threat waiting to grab people if they leave. It forms the perfect trap because it is based on one’s fear and the instinct of flight to escape it.

The paranoia surrounding the myths of religion has been directed at women because of the stories that are false.

Women have suffered long and hard at the hands of men who constantly punish them for being who they are.

Now is the time of judgement for we are at the end of the day when the light is once more bright because the Spirit is revealing all

Domestic Violence and Discrimination Against Women

What To Do If Your Partner Seemed To Be Giving Up On YOur Relationship


It is often said that relationships are about give and take, and it would be hard to argue with this. When two people get together, they will both have their own needs, and it is going to be important for their needs to be met.

Even so, this is not to say that both of them are going to have the same needs. There are likely to be certain needs that they both have, and then they can be others that are unique to each person.

The Basics

When it comes to the needs that both of them have, it can relate to the need to be heard, respected, and appreciated, for instance. In addition to this, there can be their physical and sexual needs.

As long as they are both in touch with these needs, it shouldn’t be a challenge for them to get them met. It could be said that it might be a good idea for one to be there for the other person.

Point of Focus

Through extending themselves to the other person, it is likely to result in their needs being met. That is providing that the person they are with isn’t self-centred and is also willing to extend themselves.

There are then going to be moments when one gives and moments when they receive, and overall this should allows each of them to get what they need. There they can be times when one gives more than they receive, but this is just part of life.

The Foundation

What matters is that each person is committed to the relationship, as this will enable them to be there for each other. Also, if one of them is not getting their needs met, they will need to talk to their partner about it.

If this was to take place, it would be easy for one to get annoyed, or to feel as though their needs are being ignored. Yet, what this could show is that the other person is simply unaware of what they need.

Mind Reading

If human beings could read minds, it wouldn’t be necessary for something like this to take place. It would then be possible for two people to get together and they would instantly know what they need.

At the same time, when two people get together and they are in tune with one another, they are likely to get a sense of what their needs are. This doesn’t mean that they will be able to always get it right though.

At First

In the beginning of a relationship, there can be a greater chance of each person getting their needs met. The reason for this is that each of them can have the desire to please the other, and this can bring out their best behaviour.

As time goes by and they begin to feel more at ease, it is going to be normal for their behaviour to change. The change could be dramatic, or it might be hard for them to notice the difference.

Moving On

If they feel comfortable with each, they might no longer expect their relationship to be the same as it was in the beginning. Both of them can have an understanding of what the other person likes and this can make it a lot easier than it was at the start.

What can also occur during this time is that one person can completely change their behaviour. And although they are going to look the same, the other could wonder if they are with someone else.

Out of Balance

Consequently, this could cause them to put in even more effort as a way to change what is taking place. Based on what is taking place, they could believe that this will allow the relationship to go back to how it was in the beginning.

In the short-term, this might cause the other person to alter their behaviour, but this might not last for very long. The next step might be for them to do even more for them, even though what they were doing hasn’t caused the other person to alter their behaviour.

Positive Reinforcement

The trouble with this is that instead of one letting the other person know that they are not pleased with what is taking place, they are validating their behaviour. The less effort they put into the relationship, the more one puts in.

Therefore, there is going to be no reason for the other person to change their behaviour. If one was to no longer put in as much effort, it might allow the other person to see that their behaviour is not acceptable.

Opening Up

One thing that one could do is to talk about how they see things, and to see what the other person says. This will give the other person the chance to share what is going on for them, and there might be a reason why they are behaving in this way.

Alternatively, they could say that they haven’t changed, and they could accuse one of being too needy, for instance. What this could show is that they are not aware of how their behaviour has changed.


After hearing this, one could take the time to reflect on what is taking place, and to decide on what they are going to do next. If the other person is not willing to acknowledge what is taking place, they are unlikely to get very far.

In this case, it might be a good idea for them to ask themselves if they want to stay with them. They could find that the sooner they move on from this person, they better their life will be.

Prolific writer, author, and coach, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human transformation, including love, partnership, self-love, and inner awareness. With over one thousand in-depth articles highlighting human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with his sound advice. His current projects include ‘A Dialogue With The Heart’ and ‘Communication Made Easy’.



MTN Terminates Support For Blackberry Services

MTN Terminates Support For Blackberry Services
MTN Terminates Support For Blackberry Services

This is an interesting tale of how the mighty blackberry device has fallen… It reminds me of the first deadly blow Blackberry received from WhatsApp, that kept it unbalance and as a result extensively affected their market share and caused Blackberry to bow to pressure by producing her first Android powered device in 2015 called Priv.

MTN Terminates Support For Blackberry Services

Blackberry Priv failed the company in every aspect. In November 2016, Etisalat discontinued supports for Blackberry service . Dec 17th 2016, Glo followed suite… While we are still trying to find an alternative way for Blackberry users to install WhatsApp on their device, MTN released their condolence prayers to all Blackberry users today;

“Dear customer, MTN Blackberry service will be decommissioned on 27/01/2017. Please upgrade to a smartphone and enjoy 100% bonus on any data bundle purchased”

Meaning goodbye to BIS and BBC subscription on all Blackberry OS7. If you are still using it, you will no longer be able to access internet on that phone again. It is time to upgrade to a smartphone.

TECH: How To Continue Enjoying Whatsapp on BB10 Device

How To Continue Enjoying Whatsapp on BB10 Device 9jahotstars
How To Continue Enjoying Whatsapp on BB10 Device 9jahotstars

Despite the fact that WhatsApp issued the assurance that it won’t be ending support for Blackberry smartphones running Blackberry 10 OS, Nokia S40 and N9kia Symbian S60 devices until June 2017. A lot of users reported earlier today that WhatsApp stopped working on their phone.
Based on the message, just as it was displayed in the above screenshot, it meaning the Whatsapp chatting app is no longer supported on BB10 devices. But never panic with that message, you still have better option for you to continue enjoying Whatsapp on your BB10 smartphone.

There are two simple options for you to restore your Whatsapp Chatting app

Option 1
Just head over to “Blackberry World” and update your WhatsApp application. Once this is done, you will be able to continue using the app (at least before the official June deadline)

Option 2

Just as we know, Blackberry 10 has extraordinary feature of being able to run the Blackberry app and Android appstogether, this gives you extra hope that you can still use WhatsApp on your Blackberry 10 smartphone.

To continue enjoying Whatsapp on your BB10 smartphone, you can also install the latest android version of Whatsapp.

To Install WhatsApp on Blackberry 10 Devices

  • On your BB10 device go to Settings > App Manager > Installing Apps and enable installations from unknown source
  • Download the latest version of Whatsapp apk here
  • Run and install it on your device

Once the manual settings are completed, your WhatsApp will run normal without that disgusting message of not supported (at least before the official June 2017 deadline).


But if the problem still persists, then I think it’s time to upgrade your device to Android or iOS.

4 Proven Ways To Make Your Relationship Life Easier


with this 4 Proven Ways To Make Your Relationship Life Easier Creating a loving relationship doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think!

As most of us know, relationships can be very challenging. We generally enter a relationship with many unhealed wounds from childhood. These wounds easily get triggered in committed relationships. Our wounds include both our fear of rejection and our fear of engulfment, and when these fears are activated, we generally go into old programmed ways of reacting, such as anger, blame, compliance, withdrawal, resistance, defensiveness, explaining, threatening and so on. You might have been programmed with many ways of making your partner responsible for your painful feelings.

Love gets eroded when we continue to act from our fears and the resulting protections.

But it doesn’t always have to be hard! Below are the essential keys to creating and maintaining a loving relationship.

Relationships thrive when both partners feel safe to be themselves and to discuss problems as they arise. Partners feel safe when they know they can rely on each other to be open and caring, even in the face of conflict.

There are four choices you can make to create this safe, open connected relationship space:

1. Cultivate an Intent To Learn With Yourself And Your Partner

We need to be able to rely on ourselves and each other to stay open to learning about our wounds and our resulting controlling protective behavior. There is nothing that grinds love down more than controlling behaviors, such as those mentioned above, or behavior that is intent on avoiding your feelings – such as ignoring your feelings, judging yourself and your partner, or turning to addictions to numb your feelings.

If you are currently not in a relationship, then take this time to learn to stay open with your own feelings and learn what they are telling you, rather than continue to abandon yourself when you feel pain. Learning to stay open with yourself makes it much easier to stay open with your partner.

If you are currently in a relationship, do the same thing. Take time to learn to be present with your own feelings, with an intent to learn.

2. Practice Focusing On Kindness With Yourself And Your Partner

Just as an openness to learning is essential in creating a safe relationship space, so is kindness. If you were not brought up with kindness and you have been judgmental with yourself and others, rather than kind, then you need to keep the concept of kindness in the forefront of your mind.

Relationships flourish when loving yourself and your partner is your highest priority. For most people, protecting against pain has been their highest priority, so it takes much practice to successfully make love a higher priority than avoiding pain.

3. Develop Your Spiritual Connection

Relationships flounder when you make your partner your source of love. Your partner isn’t supposed to be your higher power – you have your own higher power and this is your infinite source of love. When your intent is to learn about loving yourself and your partner, and you open to learning about this with a source of spiritual guidance, you will learn to fill yourself with love to share with your partner. Trying to have control over getting love ruins relationships. Sharing love creates intimacy and connection with your partner.

4. Make Relationship Time A High Priority

One of the greatest experiences in life is the sharing of love, and this takes time. Learning, growth, intimacy, connection and passion are the natural results of creating a safe, open, kind and loving relationship space, and all this takes times. Spending connected time together relaxing, laughing, sharing and cuddling are essential for creating a long-lasting, thriving loving relationship.

Is all this easy? It can be when love is your highest priority. When you fully accept that your reason for being on the planet is to evolve your soul in your ability to love, it becomes easier and easier to behave in these four loving ways.

By Margaret Paul

LYRICS: Davido & Mayorkun – Prayer


Davido – Prayer ft. Mayorkun Lyrics

E fikan we kan
Emalo fikan we kan eh
Is Davido

Baba God answer prayer
January to december
Mo de mo wipe ma gbe’si ayo oh oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode
Baba God done answer oh oh
January to december
Ori bamise mo gbo’esi ayo oh oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode

[Verse 1 – Mayorkun]
Oya bami kalo j’alo sile
Adeleke, Otedola, Adenuga oh
Awon baba oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode
Kin ri batise, kin lowo l’owo
Kin laluyo, kin ma bodo lo
Agbara baba mimo
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode
Olowo l’aye mo
Aiku, aje, isegun nimo fin hustle gan
Ni mo fin hustle gan
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode
Oya dan baba dan baba
Ichaba, obama make we bubble lo
K’ajo jeun l’odun tuntun
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode

Iye iye iye iye aii
Aunty you see me
You con dey shako simi
Oti di ijeta ta rira
Sha’le rira lotunla
I dey pray for alubarika
Atorise, lanre teriba
Na dremo drizzy dey talk oluwa
Ololade loni temi jor
Ololade mo ba r’ode oh
Eyan biggy biggy special speci ah
Awon temi temi nilu America.. aii

Baba God answer prayer
January to december
Mo de mo wipe ma gbe’si ayo oh oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode
Baba God done answer
January to december
Ori bamise mo gbo’esi ayo oh oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode

[Verse 2 – Davido]
Is a happy day
Am just here to celebrate
Last year when you catch bouquet
Hin dey there dey look your face
Is your wedding day
Honeymoon go dey
After 9 months pikin go dey
Big house, business go dey eh
All of a sudden
She start to go body
I remember the feeling
Any marriage call me daddy oh
Groom, ma lo go funny
Bride, whine it tap for him

Baba God answer prayer
January to december
Mo de mo wipe ma gbe’si ayo oh oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode
Baba God done answer
January to december
Ori bamise mo gbo’esi ayo oh oh
Alayemi mi j’ar’ode

Davido – Prayer Lyrics ft. Mayorkun

Falz – Wehdone Sir


Falz – Wehdone Sir Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You dey pop bottle when we dey club
But your rent e dey hard you to pay up
You dey owe money since last year
But na brand new jeep you drive here
You dey pour zobo give this fine girl
You dey tell Mary say you will die there
So you get seven babes you dey take shine
And you promise all marriage at the same time
And you claim like you come from the Northside
But your name is James on the h’online
You dey form big baller you dey chop bar
Meanwhile you be h’internet fraudster
According to your friends and your tight gees
You were finishing school in the 90’s
But we read it in the paper and the magazine
That your present h’age is 19

Excuse me I beg your pardon
This your story e no dey add up
This your Fabu e dey mad gon
But.. who am I to take a h’action? (x2)
So I say (Wehdone Sir x4)
Tell am say (Wehdone Sir x4)
Tell am say (Wehdone Sir x4)
So I say (Wehdone sir x4)

[Verse 2]
Your pastor dey go holiday abroad
But you still dey pray, in the name of God
Make you see food oh, make you no fade to dust
Man of God dey chop, im dey robust
In your small salary you will pay your tight
Fellowship in the day, crusade for night
So you out there looking for more cheese
But apostle’s getting on Forbes List
Gu mi no dey go, by house for Jand
When man no Get Shin Gbain for hand
You say money no dey, make we h’understand
But his private jet is about to land
elo lo gbe this time around,
Foreign account they convert to Pound
You didn’t know when you are Splashing out
You say that the Naira is Crashing out

Excuse me I beg your pardon
This your story e no dey add up
This your Fabu e dey mad gon
But.. who am I to take a h’action?
So I say (Wehdone Sir x4)
Tell am say (Wehdone Sir x4)
Tell am say (Wehdone Sir x4)
So I say (Wehdone sir x4)

Wehdone Sir!
You may not eat the complete 3 square meal
But you are driving the latest range rover 2017 model
Wehdone Sir!
You are into yahoo yahoo activity
And you refer to yourself as self employed businessman
Wehdone Sir!
You are a member of the ladies of the night
But you still call yourself a entrepreneur
Wehdone Ma!
Ride on ride on
We are still watching you from the high place
Sess! Wehdone Sir!

Falz – Wehdone Sir Lyrics



Q.L.A in conjunction with Virgins Hotel Presents QUIK CHANCE starting on the 19th of January 2017 Basically for Fast Rising Artiste.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself This Questions!!!

Are you Talented?
Are you Creative?
Do you have all it takes to beat the crowd?
Do you want to take your musical career to the next level?

this is a lifetime opportunity you can’t afford to miss….Let that talent of yours make way for you to STARDOM.

QUICK CHANCE is providing you the opportune to live up that dream by taking the Nigeria Music industry by suprise.

This proposed “Talent hunt” is open to Male and Female artists who are willing to compete and expose themselves to guidance and grooming by participating.

By participating,you stand a quick chance to:
1.Being signed into a Record Label
2.Working with a Management team
3.Featuring in 9ja’s Movies
4.Free videoshoot and TV Promotion(MTVBASE) standard
5.Free constant Radio airplay and interviews
6.Free online promo with Top Nigeria Musical blogs
7. Free Photoshoot and Branding
8.Free Studio session
9. Alaba Promotion
10.Musical Tours
11.Getting some training sessions on artistic skills and instill to encourage good performance culture among all participating arts.

With the support from the Q.L.A team and other sponsors ADMISSION is absolutely FREE.

Publicity will be continously announced on Radio stations across Lagos state and on Social Media.

VENUE: 116, ogunlana drive, off masha roundabout, Surulere, Lagos.

Hotel: Virgins Hotel

TIME: 6pm Prompt

GateFee: No Gate Fee, Just Make Sure You Get Yourself A Bottle of Drink ?. And Just A Fee Of 200 flat (no hidden charges)

Media Partners: 9jahotstars, VeeNaija, eclectic studios, Deladama, Sound Villa Studio, Angel Studio

Official Dj: DJ Vickyslim

For more details contact: DA on 07036916695 or Lume E on 08029277027.

QUIK CHANCE…Be Heard…..We let the Music play in you.

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