Tuesday, August 20, 2019
Officer Titus ZOMBIE Season 3 9jahotstarsvideo

comedy video: Officer Titus – ZOMBIE [Season 3 – Episode 4]

On this episode of Officer Titus, Oga Titus & his sidekick Akpo learn the hard way not to stop kids in traffic, and they...


Mc Lively can’t even be his brother’s keeper, his Fornicating Neighbor brought a woman to the house and refused to greet Mc lively and...
Officer Titus – Double troublevideo

comedy video: Officer Titus – Double trouble [Season 3 – Episode 2]

Officer Titus is back to his shady ways in this episode, trying to outsmart his landlady. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD VIDEO HERE!

Comedy Video: Officer Titus & Apko – End An Uber Ride [Season 3 –...

It’s another new episode of Officer Titus, and this time, Oga Titus & Akpo accost an Uber Driver and his passenger, what’s the worst...
Officer Titus – Lagos Looker

comedy series: Officer Titus – Lagos Looker [Season 3 – Episode 8]

Officer Titus – Lagos Looker On this hilarious episode, Oga Titus and Officer Odafe try to charge a driver for parking indiscriminately. Watch to see...
Officer Titus 3 episode 7

comedy series: Officer Titus – Extreme makeover [Season 3 – Episode 7]

Officer Titus – Extreme makeover Oga Titus, Officer Akpo & Odafe are back on the streets, and this time they get a quick makeover from...
Officer Titus – Birthday surprisevideo

comedy video: Officer Titus – Birthday surprise [Season 3 – Episode 6]

Officer Titus – Birthday surprise It’s Sisi’s birthday and Oga Titus has promised her a surprise gift, that shouldn’t be a problem right? Enjoy!

5 Signs You Are Not Over Your Ex

Sometimes you think that you are over your ex, but you realize that you still think of them all the time and cannot stop....
Dremo – Sigh Lyrics

Dremo – Sigh Lyrics