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“There you go again Ani, spending your entire life savings on him, always attending all his shows and giving him your all, see eh, once this guy blows, you are doomed, like doomed for real, it’s like you don’t know Men.see see, you are even packaging Garri for him”

Ani didn’t pay attention to her friend as she prepared her bags and the cash she had to go watch her boyfriend perform. She’s always believed he’s gonna become a very top superstar and even when people like her friends tried to convince her otherwise, she paid deaf ears to them.

After innocent’s performance, so many girls flocked around him, much to the chagrin of Ani, but she maintained her distance and tried to keep her calm, He was actually enjoying the fame and almost forgot that she’s around. He was the rave of the moment and the new found fame was getting to him.

After taking over a 100 pictures and signing autographs on delicate places, he finally walked to her with a smile on his face and tried to hug her but she pushed his hands away and raged at him for abandoning her.

“Look Ani, i am a superstar, I have fans to please and I don’t understand why you are acting this way, My fans are important to me and I have to atleast please them and if you cant stand the heat, you get out of the kitchen ”

With that statement, he left her and walked away to the waiting arms of some ladies, Dancing and drinking with them.

Ani’s friends didnt make things any easier for her as they mocked her with the “I told you so ” phrase. That night she found solace in her pillow as they shared emotions through tears and pains.

8 years after and Innocent’s name was on everyone’s lips after he left his group to go solo, and was becoming a strong force to reckon with in the industry, the money was coming in, he had two baby Mamas and was doing relatively well for himself but he wasn’t fulfilled, he missed Ani so much and felt empty without her and he wondered why.

“Oboy, i no know wetin dis akwa ibom girl do me oh, I can’t stop thinking about Ani oh, even after all these years of break up, you know this girl was with me since day one, like even when the name innocent just meant a person that wasn’t guilty of a crime. I don try reason her matter but she called me bluff, as in eh, even say i get money no move am”

Sultan listened as innocent continued his sermon and clapped for him “I finally thank God say na u open your mouth de yarn dis jagbajantis.I shock wen u trowey Ani dat time but i no wan talk before u call me enemy of progress. Girl wey de with you when you no get shi shi, as in, nothing gum u. To win her back go hard but we go try, good girls de hard to find, make we use her do “African Queen” Video, u know say u don de find who to use since”

Innocent was elated by this idea, in the company of sultan and other people, he paid Ani a visit and immediately knelt down when he saw her, he begged her to forgive him and take him back as his life waa empty without her.

Her friends urged her to agree as he’s now a superstar and has loads of cash, but she walked out on them, went into the room and wept heavily, innocent followed her and begged her again

“I never moved on, I kept praying for you, even when you left me I kept praying for you because i believed in you, you broke my heart, you really did, but i still love you, I never stopped ”

African Queen became a monster hit with Ani in it and he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him he had to marry her.

Well, the rest is history.

#Never leave a good woman for the sake of cheap fame and fortune

#what will be will only be if you want it to be, don’t wait for things to happen, make it happen

#In the end, love conquers all


Story by Patrick Dominic

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