IDA is a budding artist signed on to popular producer Adasa Cookey’s Squareball Entertainment.

Pulse Music gets to meet him, finding out more about his journey so far doing music, and his aspirations going forward.

Read interview below.

Brief background about yourself relating music with it?

My name is Godson Ominibie Epelle, with the stage name 1DA. I am from rivers state Nigeria.  My musical Journey started while I was in secondary school in Port Harcourt. Music was my escape and kept me away from the negativity on the streets. Legends like Bob Marley and Peter tosh influenced me very early as i listened when my father played their records.

After trying out writing music for myself, I did my first recording at age 14.

Do you have a formal music education?

No I don’t have any formal education on music, but I have done a lot of self-study and I know the ins and outs of music.  Many years around music and music business has also exposed me to a lot about music.


Any fond music memories?

Yes, my early years of venturing into music were exciting, writing, recording and free styling with my friends in class and in the hood. I’ve had many fond memories along this journey.

What is your honest perception of the Nigerian music industry right now and what would you like to see get improved on?

The Nigerian music industry today is a force to reckon with, our sound is being appreciated all over the world. The industry is fast growing rapidly, but there are certain things we still need to get right. like the issue of royalties , if this aspect can be properly structured, whereby artists can fully benefit from the content they create it will make a lot of difference.

What type of music do you unwind to, and gets off inspiring you?

I listen to a lot of conscious music, songs with a lot of melodies and messages, regardless the genre.

Are you currently working on a project?

Yes I am, my E.P (”The BANTON E.P”) which contains my latest single ‘Concentrate‘ is almost ready for release, and it promises to be a masterpiece.

What is your end goal/vision with your music career?

I want to be a force to reckon with in Africa and the world when it comes to music; to be heard and touch humanity through music.

I also want to have fans in places I will never get to visit, and help others on their musical journey as I grow. Attaining these goals will give me fulfillment.


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