Social Media Practical Workshop

Social Media Practical Workshop

It is the beginning of the year and the perfect time to optimize and position your brand/business for social media success. That is why this intense practical social media workshop is specially designed for your business/brand growth this 2017. This is the registration link below:
Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding the Psychology of your target or potential audience/clients
2. How to setup a professional and converting Facebook page for business success
3. Four (4) proven online strategies to grow your business in less than a month
4. How to re-target your business to old and existing customers only
5. Digital Marketing Applications that will grow your business in no time
6. For local business, how to effectively target and reach potential clients within and around the location of your business.
There will be
* free Wi-Fi – connection
* Resource Materials and Videos
* Launch will be served.
To book a seat register click on this link now!


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