This Thursday & Friday being the 7th, 8th of March 2018, A Wealth and Real Estate Summit will be held at Bola Ahmed Tinubu MultiPurpose Hall.

Not sure if you should be attending or not, Thinking if you have taken the right decision of sacrificing just two days out of your busy schedule, thinking if this program is worth your precious time? Well the only ANSWER to all this QUESTIONS and DOUBTS clamouring your mind is YES!


*It is a Summit that would expose your ideas to the vast knowledge in the world of Wealth and Real Estate.

  • It is the first time a Wealth and Real Estate Summit like this would be held in the heart of Ajegunle

*Learn how you can improve your lifestyle living by moving from being A 5 figure income monthly earner to be becoming A 7 figure income monthly earner

*Seize this wonderful opportunity to be coach by influential, and Successful Public Figures.

*Pay close attention to this fact: “Among the billions of internet users in the world, this information found you, and you are literally reading this via your respective devices, then it’s not a coincident”. know it chose you for a reason and i’m certain about that.

*And the best part is Registration to this event is absolutely free

The Big Question is, Will You Attend???

You Should See This

The population in Nigeria today has become so wide and is growing so fast that it might eventually threaten the stability of democratic capitalism. One of the possible ways to avoid such ugly situation is when early information is being made available to the public, in order words “EDUCATION/INFORMATION” should be treated as high priority. But this time around they will be focusing on a different kind of education. “The Financial Education”. which is why this summit has been organised to inform and educate the people.

As the story goes, you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day or teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Instead of just writing checks which will induced more harm than good, i think this is the best check they can give that would be enough to go round.

The financial advice for the poor is that the government will take care of them.The poor are counting on Social Security and Medicare.Little do they know,there is little that government can do to protect them.

Instead of waiting on the government, promising to solve your problems. they want you to avoid becoming a victim of the problems but rather become a solution and fight your way out of it. Do not expect your political and government officials to provide all the solutions.

Rather than feeling safe hoping the government will step in to protect them and take care of everything, why not take charge of your financial live.

The truth of the matter is this, The governments might not have enough financial resources to keep their promises.

(don’t wait for the government to solve your problem). The time is NOW! Take charge of your tomorrow.

To Register: Send Your Details (Name and Phone Number) to 07064525200, 09039069173 or visit

Date: 8th – 9th March 2018

Time: 10am prompt

Venue: Bola Ahmed Tinubu Multipurpose Hall

This event is proudly Supported by 9jahotstars, Nurudeen Koleosho, PURA, Bet9ja, AspireHeights, AMST, Techshop, KONL

Powered By Nurudeen Koleosho Foundation , Pura Initiatives.


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