The beard stubble is perhaps the hottest trend for men now when it comes to facial hair but not very many men know how to rock this attractive style. It is important that before you decide to follow this trend you know how to successfully pull off the style in a way that the ladies will swarm around you like ants tasting sugar.

Ensure The Style Works For You
There’s a reason why men such as Jason Statham look good despite the fact that they have very little facial hair. It is simply due to the Unmistakable masculine hair on their chin which helps to remove attention from the lack of hair on the top of their head.

Beard stubble also suits men with baby faces who need an extra edge, men with long faces that have no need to extend the proportions of their noggin with even longer facial hair, and round-headed men who benefit from the extra angular definition around the jawline.

Groom It Appropriately
While beard stubbles are meant to look a little unkempt, failing to groom them appropriately can have a disastrous effect on your appearance. Refusing to shape your beard growth can leave you looking overly dishevelled.

It is best you square off your beard at the corners of the jaw and define a neckline just above your Adam’s apple. You can also define a tidy line along the cheek, with a beard trimmer a couple of times a week to keep your whiskers tidy and at a consistent length.

Never Forget To Moisturise
Your grooming routine for your beard stubble doesn’t end at you using your clippers to Tame their growth. Facial hair tends to draw natural oils away from your skin and the best way to fight the itchiness that comes with this is to use a moisturiser.

You can also use a couple of drops of beard oil, if you are keen on adding some fragrance. Doing this will not only be good for your skin but your partner would thank you for making her deal with softer, less prickly whiskers.

Accentuate Your Facial Features
Squaring off your stubble around the corners of the jaw helps to add extra definition to your jawline. This will most definitely make you look stronger and more masculine. The sprinkling of beard hair also helps you conceal any little blemishes like acne scars or uneven skin tone.

Patchy Beard Shouldn’t Have You Worried
If your dream is to have full beards that cover two third of your face but your facial hair barely covers one-tenth of your face, chances are you will get away with stubble much more easily than other styles. The fact that your facial hair is uneven matters very little, especially when all your strands are cropped back to the same short length.

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