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The back view of the Galia Lahav dress [9HS FASHION]

5 simple ways to make cheap clothes look more expensive 9jahotstars
5 simple ways to make cheap clothes look more expensive 9jahotstars

Sometimes, we have to use a few tricks to make our wardrobe look more high-end than it actually is. Even if money is short, here’s how you can make your cheap clothes look more expensive.

Not all fashion lovers have the money to spend on putting together the ideal wardrobe full of high-end pieces. Getting a great standard of wardrobe is all about finding good deals and keeping it simple. A great style hack is finding cheap clothes and upgrading them to look as expensive as possible.

There’s a a lot you can do, even when you aren’t in a position to buy new clothes or go on a huge spree. These important tops will keep you looking high-end without compromising your bank balance. These timeless style hacks will change how you approach dressing, forever.

Looking expensive doesn't have to break the bank and here's how
Looking expensive doesn’t have to break the bank and here’s how

1 Get everything tailored.

A cheap, low-end skirt can end up looking better than a designer skirt with a quick trip to the tailors. If the fit isn’t spot-on after buying it, take those cheap clothes to a tailor and get them fitted to fit you perfectly. It is worth the money.

Bear in mind, the more simple the article of clothing the easier it is to tailor.

2 Stay away from distressed pieces.

Distressed clothing can easily end up looking old and worn out, especially when they are cheap to begin with.

Although, artfully ripped jeans can look cool and add a certain edge to an outfit, distressed denim techniques are often less convincing at lower price points. If in doubt, best not to buy it.

.3 Stop washing your stuff all the time.

You want to keep everything clean, but washing it is not the answer. Washing clothes wears down the fabrics and fades the colors, making them look old and cheap.

If you get a mark on a piece of clothing, spot clean it with a sponge or toothbrush. Also, be mindful of washing labels. If it says dry clean only, then follow the instructions strictly.

4 Keep it simple.

Start by buying simpler clothing with no jeweled embellishments or pleated tops or distressed denim, since details like these are really hard to do well on a budget.

Also, consider downsizing your wardrobe in general focusing on quality of each piece rather than volume.

5 Invest in expensive statement pieces and save on basic, timeless pieces.

Hi- low style is very popular but you have to make sure you get the balance right to execute it properly. Don’t splurge on a plain pair of black sandals you can get anywhere, instead spend the money on a standout pair of statement shoes that are collectors items.

Save your money for the attention-grabbing trend items that will become the focus of your outfit anyway.



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