Conte Not Changing Chelsea Approach


Antonio Conte has stated he will not change his approach to press conferences and intends to remain honest.

Chelsea face Newcastle in the Emirates FA Cup, and it looks like their only shot at silverware.

And Conte insists he does not regret his decision to join Chelsea and is focused.

“Chelsea’s history speaks very clear. This is a great club. This is a great club,” Conte told reporters. “No regrets, no. I think when I take a decision, I don’t want to look behind. I want always to look at the present, to look in front of me.

“I think this is the best way to improve yourself, to try to find a solution, don’t try to find alibis, excuses. I think this is the right way. When you take a decision, you have to go forwards and to try to find a solution, a solution, a solution.

“You ask me if I had regrets, my answer is this: I think when you take a decision, you have to go straight. Because I think this is the best way to find solutions. Otherwise you continue to complain.

“You have to go straight and to try to improve your future if this is possible. Otherwise you must continue to work. I am this way, I am this way. For sure, I’m not a diplomatic man. I think you can see this. Who knows me very well, they know I’m not a diplomatic man.

“At the same time, I think I’m very honest and when you are honest with yourself and with others, no one thinks that I am a failure. I think this. I’m sure if I try to change myself, it’s right to stop, to stop my career when I was a footballer, to stop my career, in this moment that I’m a coach.

“I repeat: I think the honest person speaks very clearly in every moment. I prefer to be honest, to tell the truth in every moment. I hate the fake person.”


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