See Yemi Alade Reacted To Someone Calling Her Clothes Rubbish???

Yemi Alade Blouse

Yemi Alade

Hahaha i just can’t get over it when i saw this, you should see this too Lol!!! can i ask you a very funny question, “How much money is your Rubbish making for you” Hilarious ??????

Sultry singer, Yemi Alade has revealed the reason why she wears her eccentric clothes, saying she wears them because they pay her bills.

 te revealed this when she tweeted a BTS of one of her videos asking, “Should I shoot more futuristic videos?”A twitter user then called her out, saying Yemi wears a lot of ‘rubbish’. Yemi Alade simply gave him the big reason, writing “My rubbish pays the bills. How about you?”

The response was epic and it got people rallying behind Yemi, telling her they love her ‘rubbish’.


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