Here Are The 13 Simple Rules Towards Living A Happy & Healthy Life
Here Are The 13 Simple Rules Towards Living A Happy & Healthy Life

Stop smoking.

A major research study found that not smoking, eating healthy, drinking in moderation and exercising can add 14 years to your life. Sorry, but there’s no such thing as a healthy smoker.

Stop Smoking

Get some rest.

Baby Sleeping

According to the book Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation, people who suffer from lack of sleep and sleep disorders are less productive, spend more money on health care and have an increased likelihood of accidents compared to healthy people. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Your life is busy. So take a little time to relax every day. It can make a world of difference for your health. Unwind with some yoga or meditation, both of which have major health benefits.

Get a pet.

Get a Pet

Animals are therapeutic and they have amazing benefits for your health. Even if you don’t own a pet, playing with a friend’s can brighten your day.

Break a sweat.


Exercise is also good for your mind and body … but can be a total burden when you don’t feel like working out. Here’s the solution: find something you love doing. Whether it’s lifting weights, walking, swimming, playing tennis, or doing yoga, make exercise fun and you’re much more likely to stick with it.

Go outside.

Go For A Walk

Well what do you know, even the elephants are not left out on this one, it knows the benefit of going for a walk, with it’s family. Spending time outside is a proven way to live a healthier life. Nature is therapeutic, so go outside and enjoy it for at least a few minutes each day. Sometimes set a course for a journey to a place you’ve been to before, or where you’ve always wanted to visit, the satisfaction you give your mind can be reassuring and you automatically feel the wonders of earth, that could be an extra life added smile.

Eat real food.

Variety Of Food

Eat food , eating food is one of the greatest tips towards living a healthy lifestyle. But you can’t just go around taking every thing on the table, 70 percent of our calories come from processed food, which is a leading cause of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Eat stuff that comes from nature instead and you’ll live a healthier, longer life. So it’s high time you start making research on foods that you are yet to try out and give it a trial.

Start Reading A Book

Reading a book

Most of us have found ourselves lost in a new book. Most of us have gotten caught up in an exhilarating new tale that transport us to a new world and allows our mind to de-stress and learn new things.

But, did you realize that reading is hugely important to your mental health and overall well-being? Reading can actually help your stress levels and expand your knowledge while allowing your body the time it needs to calm down and take a break.

Words have immense power. Reading will inspire you, motivate you and give your mind a break from life’s many distractions. And you’ll learn something new with every book you read.

Get a plant.

Get a plant.

With your permission let me take your mind through a journey;

Have you ever thought about how powerful it is to be able to connect to nature, you watch those super hero movies and drift into a light thought of possessing such power, well for me it is the same as getting associated with Nature. If you have ever been lucky to be in a forest, you would feel nature come alive, Bird squeaking, waterfall falls, different animals producing amazing sounds with their voice box or vocal cord, you would almost feel like. Yes these are the days of Adams. (No let’s go back to the city where you are right now)

Putting a plant in your home or office can improve your air quality and brighten up your room (and sometimes your mood too).

Have a drink.

Getting wasted every weekend might not be the best thing for your physical or mental well-being, but moderate alcohol consumption may have some substantial health benefits. It should be noted that alcohol consumption and its benefits vary based on an individual’s body makeup and type.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, “moderate alcohol consumption is defined as having up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. This definition is referring to the amount consumed on any single day and is not intended as an average over several days.”

It Can Lower Your Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease, It Can Improve Your Libido, It Helps Prevent Against the Common Cold, It Can Decrease Chances Of Developing Dementia, It Can Reduce The Risk Of Gallstones and lastly it Results of a Dutch study showed that healthy adults who drink one to two glasses per day have a decreased chance of developing type 2 diabetes

Enjoy some time in the sauna or hot tub.

Saunas and hot tubs can help you relax after a hard day. Limit your time in them to 15-20 minutes though.

Warm finnish sauna interior with candles

Start Spending Time With Friends & Family.

There’s perhaps no greater way to improve your happiness than by spending quality time with the people you love most.

Family and Friends

Develop and Learn A New Skill/Hobby


Whether you have an interest in woodworking, knitting, yoga, writing or something else, you’re never too old to pursue a new passion.

Quality Time Alone

Spending Time Alone

Being alone with your thoughts is essential for rebooting your brain, doing some deep thinking and reflecting on your life. Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter says “In today’s constantly connected world, finding solitude has become a lost art.”

Take at least a few minutes each day to yourself to just breathe, think and be in the moment.



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