6 Critical Lessons That Will Boost Your Current Level to Becoming a Professional Compère


Having compèred several events for friends in the past, I usually didn’t feel the need to pay attention to the learnings.

For me, it was just for the fun of it, and that’s all.

How to become a professional compere

This time, the game was different. I paid attention to myself, my audience, his speakers and his entire workforce. I was taking meaningful lessons from their reactions both as a compère and a coach.

How to become a professional compere

Here are a few things I thought to share on How to become a professional compere conference hosts, compere’s and especially the audience:

1. Where there are no expectations, result is usually at the barest minimum. It is the duty of the host to drive a consciousness of high expectation using the publicity for the event, if not the results level and testimonial will not be at par with all the efforts put into the entire work.

2. Where a host fails to drive the consciousness of her audience towards the event, the bulk of the duty falls on the compère to pull the magic that will give the expected results. It takes professionalism at the core to achieve this.

3. Being a professional compère can be more tedious that being a speaker, and can even be even more prestigious than that too. As a compère you have multiple opportunities to wrap the audience with your magic wand using your choice words, refined engagement skills, stories, gesticulations and relationship skills.

4. As a professional compère, you must learn to request for the program of activities at least 168 hours (7 days) before the event to allow yourself some time to run the activities in your mental crockpot and picture the entire proceedings, while designing strategic stories engagement skills at different intervals. This could make all the difference in your delivery.

5. As a host, never get a compère that cannot think on his feet, connect easily with your speakers, redesign program on the spot (especially when the original plan has failed) and liaise with you and the team on the next best move to make. You could end up doing the job yourself, making the event a near disaster.

6. As a profesional compère your best bet is to sit close to your host or the program coordinator or event manager (where the host is not the one playing this role) for consistent feedbacks as you progress while at the event. Being a compère does not make the event yours.


I know I have a lot of conference/event hosts and professional compères on my list who have on or two lessons to share too. DO ME THE FAVOUR OF ALSO LEARNING FROM YOU. Use the comment box to share How to become a professional compere

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