Dating Online vs. Casual Dating

online vs casual relationship

Dating Online vs. Casual Dating

Nowadays, people have an alternative solution besides casual dating. It is online dating. However, most people prefer to date casually. Online dating and casual dating both have their advantages and disadvantages. Dating online you are more likely to meet with a partner who shares your interests and passions. Unfortunately, seeing a picture and reading profile information may not be enough for you to know whether you want to date a person or not. However, when you’re casually dating someone, it actually allows you getting the feel of a person. But casual dating is unpredictable.

Pros and Cons of Online Dating
Mutual Interests
Online dating allows you dating people who share the same interests you have. It helps building connection and communicating better providing you with the topics for conversation. Mutual interests help to eliminate the deadly enemy of all dating – boredom. Partners who have mutual interests are less likely to get bored with each other.

Same Goals

People dating online usually indicate what motivates them to look for a certain partner. It clears the horizon and helps people better understand why they are together. Some just want to feel romance while others look for a way to start a family. Dating online allows you to know this info before choosing your date and pick up single lady that will definitely be right for you!


The amount of information provided by the dating sites and profiles allows you to make the best possible choice. The variety of information also provides you with the great diversity. There are people dating online whom you’d never meet in real life just waiting to get along with somebody. The fact that you know more about them beforehand allows you to choose carefully and look for what you really want, not just what happens to be in front of you.

Lack of Feeling

The most serious disadvantage of online dating is your inability to actually meet a person other than on a date. It is almost like a blind date, except you know all about a person even though you haven’t met yet. Paradoxically, this is how things happen in the digital age. People are often confused by the substitution of feeling with just information.
Awkwardness and Confusion
Often, people who do not like online dating comment that it caused them to feel awkward and confused. They felt their dates were not successful because they did not actually hear the voice or had the chance to watch their dating partner in real life.

Pros and Cons of Casual Dating


So, what is casual dating? It is any kind of dating besides online dating. It is more widespread and popular because it is pretty straightforward. People meet, decide to go out, and go out. They see each other, hear each other, and maybe even touch each other. In other words, they feel each other. Facing your dating partner directly is one of the most important casual dating rules. It is also its biggest benefit.


A lot of people opposing online dating claim that casual sex dating involves two people who really like each other. On the opposite, online dating can bring together two people who are not attracted to each other at all. That’s because you need to see a person to know whether you like him/her or not.

The Art of Pickup

Not everybody knows the art of pickup. Therefore, hooking for a date might be a problem for some people. It is not needed when dating online. But casual dating is unimaginable without actually asking a person to go out. It depends on you, whether you want to skip it or not. However, people who prefer online dating say that pickup is the biggest disadvantage of casual dating because of the possibility of rejection.

It’s now up to you to decide whether to date online or go casual. Good luck!


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