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Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Modern world surprises us with exciting opportunities. Social media, internet technologies, and online communication made it possible for people all around the world to have a connection. Therefore, in case you’re looking for a partner, online dating may provide you with impressive options. Still, some people prefer casual dating face-to-face in real life. Here are some online dating pros and cons. Read the following guide to decide whether dating online suits you or not.

Pros of Online Dating

Having a “Match”

Dating online you have a chance to find a partner that suits you most. Clever search engines and profile settings on different dating sites allow calculating the possibility of you two getting along. For example, you put in your profile information about your tastes, hobbies, and preferences. Let’s suppose you like traveling and jazz music. You’re looking for a blonde girl about 25 years old who speaks English. You put this info in your profile. The system automatically finds somebody who shares your interests and meets your requirements. Therefore, you don’t start dating somebody you doesn’t know anything about but a woman with whom you already have some common ground.

Avoiding Confusion

When you date online, your chances to be confused, disappointed or offended are lower. You won’t be rejected because your appearance does not satisfy your dating partner. You also won’t be caught in position where you find that you have absolutely nothing in common with a person you date. Thanks to the system of “matches” there is less possibility that your date is going to be ruined.

Variety of Options

Dating online can provide you with more options than you could ever have dating casually. Imagine yourself going to a party or a bar. Let’s assume that there are 50 girls there. Half of them probably have somebody already. That leaves you with 25 girls of which 5 can say that they’re not in the mood. That leaves you with 20, of which at least half probably won’t get along with you as they may have different character traits. Therefore, you are left with 10 girls about whom you almost don’t know anything. But when you date online you choose from hundreds and thousands of girls. In fact, your choice is almost limitless. And what is most important is the fact that the bigger the choice, the better are your chances for success.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

Lack of Feeling

Most of the people criticizing online dating say that the lack of feeling is extremely difficult to ignore. What is this lack of feeling? In broad terms, it is the inability of catching the appearance of your dating partner. You cannot hear their voice, sense their smell, see their moves, and gestures. In other words you are completely deprived of the means of non-verbal communication. Now, scientists say that words only carry 50% of information. Another half depends on moves, gestures, tone of voice, look in the eyes, etc. So, you find yourself deprived of information that is critically important. This way you may be unpleasantly surprised by your dating partner found online.


Among the pros and cons of online dating sites, for example, awkwardness is one of the most widespread disadvantages. When you first meet a person and then decide to date a linear scenario helps you to avoid awkwardness. However, when you date a person without approaching him/her before, you are more likely to feel nervous. By skipping one stage of casual meeting you jump to a point when you already consider having relationships with a partner of whom you doesn’t know anything about.

It is now up to you whether to date online or not. As you see, there are exciting possibilities that come with some drawbacks. The choice is all yours. Good luck!


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