What Will Happen To Your Body If You Start Eating Oats Every Day

Most people eat oats for breakfast and as a replacement for regular cereal. The grain has gained a lot of health enthusiast as fans, and this has made oats a staple in many diets. It is interesting to note that oats not only have fibre but also contain avenanthramide which isn’t found in any other food. This nutrient – avenanthramide – helps reduce inflammation in the arteries and relieves blood pressure. But there are more things oats can do for you:

Controls Sugar Levels in the blood:

Most people have experienced having low blood sugar. IT makes your lips and tongue dry and generally makes you feel awful. Oatmeal helps reduce the occurrence of sugar dips in your blood. This is because when you eat oats, the fibres in it causes a slow release of sugar into the bloodstream. This will give you a low glycemic index. A low glycemic index has been associated with less insulin resistance and reduced the risk of getting type 2 diabetes according to research published in the journal of clinical nutrition.

Reduces Weight Gain:

Eating oatmeal may help you maintain your weight. This Is because a compound found in oatmeal called B-glucan reduces your appetite when you eat oatmeal by triggering the increased production of the hormone called cholecystokinin.

Furthermore, since oats make you feel fuller faster, you tend to eat less thereby reducing the amount of food your body digests. Since you’re eating less, you’ll end up losing weight if you include some light aerobic exercises into your regiment.

Cuts down your blood pressure:

With heart disease causes a high number of deaths in North America, your goal should be to reduce your blood pressure which will, in turn, reduce the possibility of you getting heart disease. Research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on revealed that whole grain diets are as effect9ive as taking anti-hypertensive drugs to help your blood pressure.

Helps reduce the possibility of contracting colorectal cancer:

After almost two million people were monitored in an experiment in Britain and the Netherlands, it was discovered that taking 10grams of fibre a day can reduce your risk of contracting colorectal cancer.

Oats aid Digestion:

Oats are involved in making you feel satisfied quickly and boosts your diet quality as published by the British Journal of Nutrition. Oats make you feel fuller quicker and so helps you eat less. This also helps your body digest food more comfortably because you haven’t overeaten. Remember when we said oats could help you lose weight, yes, so this is what happens when you eat less but feel full.

Oats Stop Inflammation:

Remember when we said earlier that oats have an antioxidant called avenanthramide? Well, these antioxidants help reduce inflammation, stop your arteries from hardening and improve the release of nitric acid in your body. This can help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease as research showed that these antioxidants found in oats can decrease the spread of colon cancer cells.

Now, wouldn’t you rather eat oats? Yes, please!


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