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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


About Yesterday

About Yesterday
So, I ran into this old flame of mine, Mr N. No sooner had he seen me did he start apologizing and explaining, "I changed my phone so I lost your contacts, I asked ur sister for it and she refused, blah blah blah, We really need to talk, The attitude I displayed was so unbecoming of me, blah...


i hate my mum
"My Mum had me outside wedlock and never really got married afterwards, life was simple for a while until intense drama set in It all started when I was 17 years old, my mum’s new boyfriend moved in with us. I thought it would be good for mum because she had a drinking problem and was depressed, I thought it...
Violence On Woman, Girl Child
My dad screamed"Chidinma am off, don't wanna miss my flight"i rushed up to him he said he was going to miss me and I promise to be a good girl, passionately he hugged me and mum then left.. His journey Was to last for 3 hours. At about 11.35 am that was an hour after the plane took off..Mums phone...

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