Burna Boy - Dangote
Burna Boy - Dangote

Burna Boy – Dangote

It’s another brand new day, and i’m just about to get into my music premiering session by first starting off with the new trending song Burna Boy – Dangote

Yeah yeah, ladies and Gentlemen you are now logged on 9jahotstars.com your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website. and today we’ve got an amazing jam to premiere and this song is coming from no other than your hottest entertainment and lifestyle artiste. yeah i kinda gave him our site slogan because, i know he fits in perfectly with it.

And here’s why. y’all would agree with me that for the past couple of months now, Burna Boy has been selling hotness to every music lovers around the globe. His style of music seamlessly blends with our daily lives, Oh Come On! who won’t agree that there is pure lifestyle.

With all that being said, i’m gonna move on to premiering the rest of this song!, Dangote! Dangote! Dangote!, is what Burna Boy has calling out to all through while i was listening to this song. And i’m gonna throw a teasing and daring statement; most of you don’t know who Dangote really is, Yeah i said so.

Now let’s get funny, In Dangote’s Personal Life, apparently aside from marrying four times, which his first three marriages ended in divorce and having a total of of fifteen children from these marriages. (source Wikipedia),

Everybody wanna be that man, that controls fortunes, that man that gets anything he want literally, but let me ask you this one true question. Do you really have what it takes to be Dangote, Do you have any idea how much is being put in every 24hrs just to make sure he lives up to be Dangote?

Dangote started from a very humble beginning, just like everyone else as far i know, even at the position he is currently is still working. and that’s the message behind this song. Despite all the connections, fame, fortune, Dangote still de find money.

Burna Boy – Dangote is tying to teach us that we shouldn’t stop the hustle, or stop putting in effort, working, which ever terms you call it, you should keep moving. Even most of world richest men still works because nobody has arrived yet until you have arrived.

Keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing, and whenever you are down don’t hesitate to listen to Burna Boy – Dangote and Boom you guys are gonna be fired up so don’t stop pushing till you arrive at your greatness or you can as well listen to which ever songs you feel would give you a boost.

So my conclusion is this, we got literally most of the rich influential men in Africa being mention on this song Burna Boy – Dangote, aside from dangote we have, Adenuga, Adeleke, Otedol, and you know who else is missing? It’s YOU, so get your ass out there, and get some work done, and count more cash. and since this is the weekend let’s ball. This Bloggernaire on 9jahotstars keeping it 100 peace out.

[Burna Boy – Dangote – Chorus]
Dangote Dangote
Dangote still dey find money o
I no dey, I no dey
I no dey sleep on the money o
Who I be?
Who I be?
Wey make I no go find money o
I no dey send anybody o
Me I dey hustle gan gan

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