Adekunle Gold - Call On Me
Adekunle Gold - Call On Me


Yo it’s still your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle website you gotta have a strong sense of personality, whatever you do you in life, you just need to stay firm in your decision and believe in yourself. Here’s a new song titled Adekunle Gold – Call On Me, I love this song alot, when I first listened to it, I said to myself I got a new ringtone.

We all know Adekunle Gold does cool music, so definitely this song has same feel of what you get from Adekunle Gold, that doesn’t mean he’s sticking to one style or he’s stagnant but rather I view it as he’s maintaining a craft he’s started, not randomly switching lanes like a drunken driver ? ? ?.

This new song by Adekunle Gold titled Call On Me tells about how a lady wants you to satisfy her at all course, which we all know is impossible, even making you you go outta your real self to be someone else, an imposter. I have a lot of my perspective to share with you on this do read on.

What I love about this is, it just bring you to it and then bring you up alive, It’z Eblogger holding it down here on and this is my session, I like keeping it real, like keeping it entertaining and love lifestyling.

For some reason you’re doing something, and everything there in your brain box is of negative thought, and that’s why sometime it drowns you, and it kills you, and just let you be less of who you really are.

Question for you
in your relationship, are you always striving to be perfect because your partner wants you to change from who you are to want he/she wants or let’s say expecting? Use the comment box and share your experience for someone else to learn from.

Now for some reason because we’re in love with someone, and we feel they are special In our live, we let them treat us badly, at that point you’re always in a beckon call, you feel you need to impress them, unconsciously letting their opinion influence your individuality, at every point in time you think you need to act up to some standard, and for that reason you’ve lost who you truly are.

And that’s when you put out your self esteem and then you chop it off, and that’s crazy, that’s why at every point in time, you find out that you keep trying, and when you got into other relationship, it won’t work, for some reason you know you’re less of who you really are.

Adekunle Gold – Call On Me is a reflection of what I have been trying to say, in a relationship, (referring to both partners now) you think you’re not impressing your partner enough, you do something great that deserves a compliment but none is coming, you’re experiencing dominance in your relationship, all respect is lost to fear, fear that you might end up leaving each other, and so you decides to play by their card.

I know somebody might be going confidence difficulty in building their relationship, they feel they have to always do more, just because they want to get a compliment or to be the perfect one their partner have always wanted, which sometimes works but in the end they both realize they are being with the fake version of themselves.

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  1. I really like adekunle gold and this song. he is really blessed with it and all his songs are kind of luv and marriage song so i pray he meets his future wife soon.but pipo tell me among adekunle gold and jonny drille which person song is more beta?


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