Floxyz - Streetz

Floxyz – Streetz

Hello thanks for staying with your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle companion,at 9jahotstars.com we love entertainment, we love lifestyle and that’s is why we’re never gonna stop or get tired of pushing entertainment to your doorstep, fresh on my list is a newly discovered female artiste with a new song titled Floxyz – Streetz

Although she had been a little bit long in the game, because from the way she’s sounding, you’ll perceive that confidence in her voice, so don’t put on that attitude of getting to listening to an upcoming artiste, because Floxyz is way more than that.

Being an Upcoming Artiste isn’t a bad thing either, of course there’s always a starting point for everything, then you get to that stage where you are generally recognise as a fast rising artiste, it’s one stage after the other until you get to your destination.

Flowzy – Streetz had been on repeat right here in the studio from the moment we received and gave a first listening ear to her song, I’m afraid to say that the first hearing we gave the song wasn’t the last as it had been on replay ever since then.

How about you listen to it and tell us or rate her performance on the comment box below, make sure you put a comment, though it isn’t compulsory but it is necessary, believe me, esteemed readers let’s do this, let’s get Flowzy – Streetz on phones, Android, Tab, Ipod, Ipad, iPhone, which other one again have I not mention, oh yeah, and itelevision lol

download below


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