Lil Kesh - Love Story

Lil Kesh – Love Story

What’s up people, it’s been a while we had some good, Trendy, soul, trap, and crazy music jamming on your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website, but not to worry I think the time to get the best of them for you, and I’ll be starting with Lil Kesh latest song titled Lil Kesh – Love Story.

Right before I get into my session fully I’d love to quickly introduce and familiarize myself with our wonderful readers and possibly the new stars that are just coming on our website 9jahotstars for the first time.

Check check check, the time is just ehhh the time is just what it is, I know you’d be wondering who this, wonder no further ladies and gentlemen it’s still your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle blogger, reppin 9jahotstars, Alright that hype is kinda too much, it almost choked me. They call me Eblogger MyPaparazzi. and this is how we do it, right here on 9jahotstars, fusing entertainment and lifestyle together. Let’s get with the premiering of Lil Kesh – Love Story.

Lil Kesh, to me, always the life of the party, you should listen to the intro on this song, you know Yagi daddy now, he’s so fun of saying Yagi things all the time, you wanna know what he said, oh baby go down wake for daddy, flick this thick thing twerk for daddy, hmmm Kesh Kesh, I’m watching you.

Here’s a new song by Lil Kesh titled Love Story, I must you, it is just like an elder brother to Lil Kesh – No Fake Love, both of these songs, sure goes together to some extent, and I think in a just a matter of time, Love Story by Lil Kesh would be all over the Air, and those love boys will definitely get a new anthem.

Here as doubtless lyrics off the song Lil Kesh – Love Story

How many times can i tell you that I love you
How many times can I tell you that I Care
How many times can I tell you that I admire
The way smile and you fleek your y****

That’s right, it’s really is a love story indeed so, checking that time behind you, you’d see you’re about running outta time to the listen to the remaining story Lil Kesh told on his brand new Music Love Story.

Coming up next is Mayorkun – Mama.

It is your #1 Hottest Entertainment and lifestyle website, Eblogger My Paparazzi just got in session and it’s all about the song that we just premiered Lil Kesh – Love Story, I’ll leave you to it, keep it locked on

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