Olamide - Environmental Makeover

Olamide – Environmental Makeover

Gbale, Nule, Fole, Repete, Gbale, Nule, Fole, Repete, are you feeling it, of course not everybody can relate to what’s up there ?, except for the westerners in Nigeria and few other tribes as well ?. New song titled Olamide – Environmental Makeover is just the next song I’ll be premiering, are you ready let’s get the drum rolling.

Sterling is really concerned ? about the environment, how littering the environment with unused and already used materials which would lead to an untidy and hazardous environment to live in ?, causing an unhealthy lifestyle of living ?. So it’s initiated a program? for individuals irrespective of sex, age, tribe to come out together as one to clean the environment ?.

Recently DW Africa organized a writing ? competition for bloggers, to write on the topics “what would you like to change about your community”, which got many participants that wrote their respective point of view on what they would like to change about their community. (I did write as well,? but I had a whole different point of view click here to read my article DW AFRICA : WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO CHANGE ABOUT YOUR COMMUNITY )

I was highly impressed ? with the article of the winner that won the competition, he had written his article based on a personal experience that he had gone through ?when he visited Niger Delta in Nigeria. He shared an instance where he wanted to take his bath, and somebody had to abruptly stop him ✋ and asked him to wait for few hours because the water was mixed with oil. I was so touch ? with that experience and had wished that I could do something almost immediately ???.

So, again I say Environmental Makeover is a wonderful initiative ? by Sterling to help make sure we have a cleaner, safer, and healthy environment to live in. In reference to the project Olamide has released a song to furthermore encourage everybody to join in this exercise.

So be a good example, grab a broom, a packer, rake, shovel or any cleaning materials, go out with a friend, partner, with friends and family ? ? ? ??to spread more love.

Gbale, Nule, Fole, Repete, Gbale, Nule, Fole, Repete, simply means Sweep the floor, Clean the floor and wash the floor Repete, just to get our readers abroad to relate with what that means ??

Coming up next is DJ Spinall ft Mr Eazi – Calm Down

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