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We’ve premiered some dope dope massive song that are really mouth watering even though it’s not food but for the fact that people just can’t help it but move their lips along to their favorite song, I bet you could understand why I said it’s mouth watery and they are quite juicy too, oh yeah that reminds me of Ycee juice, (too much too much sauce)

Moving on to what’s on ground, Davido had actually released a snippet of the song, to be sincere with you I never took it that serious when I listened to the snippet, guess it’s because I never got enough of what I was expecting, I never had a complete feel of it, we premiered the snippet and did wait for the complete version to be Officially released.

finally it was out and immediately the visual followed suit, and after the video for the song was released that automatically paved way for the song, it gained rapid attention, engagement and so on, it was massive, people started singing to the song, most especially this phrase was easy to recall “money fall on you, banana fall on you” that is a very funny line but people loved it beyond my expectations.

Davido has actually really surprised us all, me especially, I admire his strength, and the hardwork he puts into his career to make sure he’s actually feeding his fans with steady stream of great music.

While this was busy toping the charts that we’re all familiar with, there has been some some controversy that had stirred up between Davido and Wizkid, it all started when whose song was actually toping the iTunes chart when both had claimed that their was top on the list and then the Diss erupted between both singers reminding of the misunderstanding they had in the early of their musical career.

From that moments onward it has been replies from one to the other, a lot did went on, (I don’t want to use foul words on this issue), and that controversy involved few Nigerian Artistes (don’t wanna mention names), it’s online you can follow up, I not ready to talk about bad news now, don’t wanna change the vibe, I premiering the hottest right now so I’d rather not talk about something that would change the direction of heading to.

But if you still wanna how it how started between both of them then here is a link to check that out

How It All Started Read “The Rift That Spark Up Between Davido Vs Wizkid”

. To my uttermost surprise a song by B Red ft Davido – Fall For You that was released few months ago started trending, the title of this song is “Fall” and the title on B Red ft Davido is also titled “Fall For You” see the title similarity.

I love that, it actually brought back a good song that would went down the drain, I mean I mean I really don’t know why that song didn’t get the attention in its time, but still it was never a waste, glad it’s gaining the attentions that it missed.

So my favorite parts of the song that I love so much, my lips can’t remain still if it gets to this part of the song and it’s this “I don’t wanna be a player no more, I don’t wanna be a player No More” though I was never a player, I’m a faithful guy, faithful to the core, you can ask my woman, she can attest to that. And another part of this song that I love is, oh before that I was not called Christian Ronaldo, I was known with names like Mountain Guy, Eblogger and so many many names, including the one time Yebe thing. So my second favorite part of the song I like is this part

“If I offend youuu, biko, sorry oh baby take heart ooh
(sorry oh baby take heart ooh)
I’m in love with you
If I’m in love with you, Baby nothing no fit o change am ooh
(nothing no fit o change am ooh)”

Complete Davido – Fall Lyrics

Now I’m asking myself, if I was asked to choose between Davido’s Fall and Davido’s If, which would it be? When fall first came out, we loved the song, we did virtually everything we could with it, we ate with it, slept with it, woke up with eat, danced to it, even use it to toast a lady, (the last one which I didn’t do), there’s time for everything, the time for IF is up, not up completely but still trendy shallowly, the Era for If has passed, So now is the time for Fall. So I can’t choose between which comes first but I just want to say when the time for something is right, it is right.

Davido was featured by olamide on a song titled Summer Body it’s on the trend, keep your eyes up for it, we’re still making arrangements on premiering it on the platform at the right time soonest, I made mention of that while I was premiering the song Kcee ft Olamide – We Go Party. The song is on Itune just incase you can’t wait to listen to it, buy the song, and show your support to this artiste. They are putting their efforts to make sure you get the best leaving the rest for us to take care of.

Ladies and gentlemen it’s about time you get that song that have been on replay in your neighbourhood, playing everytime on your radio set and many other place you can think of. And if you haven’t gotten yours, now is the time to do so, at your will, listen to it anytime you want to anywhere and anytime of the day.

Are you ready to meet up your anticipation, if No go back and read from the top lol!!!, if yes then, You should definitely crank up the volume just a little bit higher get ready to download and listen to this latest song titled Davido – Fall from your #1. Hottest Entertainment and lifestyle website www.9jahotstars.com

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