​I count this as a privilege to air my opinion to the public, it might not be reaching the crowd, but I believe that a secret that that is meant to be protected once it’s made known to the next person, it is no more regarded a secret.

The topic what would you like to change about your community has occurred to me a hundreds of time, which makes me sometimes would wish for the post of a president even if it’s just for 24 hours so as to accomplish my  goals. But that is a long shot , “”For a start, I’d rather stick with being the Mayor of my community”, I am not confining myself to the quoted sentence, as I have never been afraid to dream and think big, I aspire to change the world around me but I need to first change Myself”.

Mahatma Gandhi says “You must be the change you want to see in the world”, and another adage that says “cut your coat according to your size”. If I can be certain that I can fully manage the responsibility of my community then I get a one-shot of becoming the president, that I can be rest assured that the preparation I went through while governing the affairs of my community can be adopted to transform the country.

In reference to the 45th law of power which states that “Preach the need for change but never reform too much at once”. “CHANGE” which is currently the ugly situation we undergo in my beloved country Nigeria.

Without drifting further away from the initial objective of why this article is written, I want to write on the topic “What I Would like to Change in My Community.”

Power Supply: This is a major problem in my community; businesses ranging from small to large scales depends on constant power supply for their businesses to function ceaselessly.

Inadequate power supply leads to reduction in productivity leading to high cost of products and services due to the fact that it was being produced in smaller quantity, leading to lower consumption, leading to little to no sales in business,  eventually leading to a high rate of unemployment which leads us to the second point Empowerment Scheme Program.

Empowerment Scheme Program: Presently The youth in my community both Boys and Girls I can’t say I’m proud of them all. There is little to no employment in the community leading to high rate of idleness.

Specifically referring to the boys, there are instances where they gather themselves in groups, and they take it as a responsibility to ask passerby for money which most times they give them out of fright, and if they fail to give most time they don’t have, they are regarded as a bad person.

What do you expect from a group of boys that are not employed they can never be satisfied from the little they request as they indulge in stealing act and further more chasing underage girls.

Now the girls becomes the next victim in the community, they get pregnant leading to the end of a bright future and beginning the life of misery, continuing the race of poverty, others abort the pregnancy countless numbers of time, Oh God please help me stand out!.

This is why it is very important to instigate a Youth Empowerment Program as this would empower each person in the community and this would reduce the rate of unemployment and help curb joblessness as there would be hope for those people that are still holding on and also to those that all hopes are lost.

Security: when I say security you might think we lack it, but I’m sorry to say we have one, yes there is one, there is a police station in my community which serves and protect the people. Then why did I include it? Since we have it, it shouldn’t be included right! What if I tell you that most times I had almost wish we never have a Police Station.

The policemen in my community are not there to serve and protect us on the contrary they are there to intimidate us. I’ll relate different cases where their actions speaks ill of their service and a total waste of time.

We are all aware that it could be a punishable offense when you’re caught late in the night by the policemen, even if you are being caught, you should be able to tender some sort of identification of yourself.

But do you know you are never given a chance to explain yourself as you are being beaten like a thief and being thrown in a local Danfo bus which they normally use at night to raid people even those coming back from work. Another ugly instance is when you are raided at the entrance of your home just because you came out to get some air when there is no power supply.

Other related scenarios are when they raided someone sitting in the mosque, when a girl was sent by her sick mother to get medicine from a chemist few blocks away from their house, on her way back she was raided and so on and so forth bails are not free as it costs Ten thousand naira and above. This is too much to take in.

What about cases where they would be street riot going on, they are never there to regulate orders and keep the situation under control, they arrive when it’s over to arrest innocent people that were there to resolve the situation.

I hope this secret becomes a public information to enlighten the minds of leaders in time to come, each problem might seem easy to handle but ask yourself as it easy as it seems why hasn’t there been  a solution. The idea about this whole problem it should be encountered with an extraordinary and strategic plan. I am not hoping for an immediate action, as I want to recall our minds back to the 45th law of power, we’ve been living on with this situation for long and if there is an plan for it, let it be a gradual process as sometimes CHANGE either “Good or Bad” could have a negative effect even to the people you are trying to intercede for.

These are what i would like to change in my community, Thank You.


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