Whitemud - My Response
Whitemud - My Reponse EP

Whitemud – My Response

Yo Ladies and Gentlemen you are now logged on to 9jahotstars.com Africa #1. Hottest Entertainment and Lifestyle Website. Today i a great day, friday is upon us, the weekend is here, and Whitemud – My Response EP is also her. It’s Eblogger MyPaparazzi once again thanks for checking in on 9jahotstars.com Now let’s get down to the business of the day.

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Oh! hail Whitemud an inspirational singer out with his new EP titled My RESPONSE.

ATTENTION! everyone i bring  to you an half white half black musician; a Nigeria base with a brand style that’s totally different from the usual (trends). Come to talk about the EP titled MY RESPONSE whitemud made it in such a way that everyone can relate to the song i mean  both the elite and the street.  In the  EP his response was about life, trust, issues, hustle, first sight, a character of a girl, and much more feel great as he touches a part you can relate with download now… wait a minute, what’s the rush people, lets have some fun lifestyle in here.

Before we finally agree to put up Whitemud – My Response EP on 9jahotstars, we decided to run a test on all the song just to be sure of what we are putting up here for our audience. So how did we ran a test on these songs? i sure hope you are not thinking that we went to a Hospital to do that? Oh Jesus! why would you thought of that Ok Just kidding.

Here’s how we personally ran a test on this EP, we played this song at different places and we didn’t disclose the identity of this artiste nor gave the songs out yet due to the fact that we were not ready to leak it yet, and guess what? we left them in total suspense and that made them hunger for more.

We tested the tracks in public places like Barbing saloons, cafeteria, malls, roof tops and clubs and we had most of our Dj have a feel of these songs and tell us what they feel.

Although we don’t usually run this type of test all the time except we want to involve public opinion so it won’t feel like we are being sentimental. But if we are to criticize a song it would be from the angle of song production, lyrics and few others things.

Now with the anticipation we got from the people, that gave us more than 50% assurance that we are actually dishing out good contents to our audience, couple with constructive criticism and excitement over Whitemud – My Response EP, we knew it was a Go for Whitemud.

The titles on song most of this songs drew our attention and one of them is the track titled lifestyle, yo ladies and gentlemen you all know right here what 9jahotstars is all about, every thing we do right here is strictly lifestyle, 100% lifestyle, and then there’s second best track from this EP i love so much which is titled “Fall In Place”, my third best song from this EP is titled “Good Feel”. which was officially  premiered some time ago right here on 9jahotstars here’s a link to [Download Audio] Whitemud – Good Feel (Spiritual)

I could go on and on telling you about all the tracks but let me just leave to listen to this song and tell me what you feel about the entire tracks on Whitemud – My Response EP.

Whitemud – My Response EP TrackList

Whitemud – The Weather

Whitemud – Erima

Whitemud – Your Love

Whitemud – Classy Lifestyle

Whitemud – Fall In Place

Whitemud – Spiritual

Whitemud – I Can’t Stop

Whitemud – My Prayer


So ladies and gentlemen, if you are already catching the vibe already, you don’t have to wait to further, all you gotta do is scroll down to the section where you can see all Stream / Download / Listen, you can start streaming to the song or download and listen, while you read the rest part of this premiering.

Finally before i go, i would like to tell you that Whitemud is fresh, Yes! he is fresh in all dimension; physically he is fresh, musically he is fresh, not like he’s new because he has been doing music over a while now, if he is to be categorize i would humbly place him a freshout list of artiste. And you know when something is fresh, if its food means it’s palatable and edible. But in this case he is a human so allow me to say his song is edible for hearing.

It’s still Eblogger MyPaparazzi your crush blogger, i love to joke most of the time, i like to catch fun in what i’m doing, because over here in 9jahotstars we tell it like it is. right now i have to stop hitting the keyboard and allow you guys listen to this EP by Whitemud titled My Response.


Stream / Download / Listen Whitemud – My Response [EP]

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