Aramide ft Adina - Truth

Aramide ft Adina – Truth

You’re welcome back, it’s still your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle website and as you all know this is Eblogger, and I’m live in session, just as always, I’m here to premiere the hottest songs that came out recently, if you are just joining us this well this is the second songs that I’m about to premier, just before this song I’ve premiered Ghana Bounce by Ajebutter, that’s a very very massive song, that’s a song for the Ghanaian ladies to appreciate oh my goodness their endowment.

Moving on to my next song is a song by two female idols, guess who? Well you already know It’s Aramide and Adina on a new song titled Truth.

Hmmm truth the word truth occurs to us all the time, might be for instance a relationship where one demands the truth from the other, “Tell me the truth, did you do it”, or some other situation where a child is being interrogated for some accusations that is indirectly pointing to him/her, and the voice is like Say The Truth, what about court case, “where you are required to say nothing but the truth, and so on.

So what is Aramide and Adina trying to tell us about this song, after listening to this song I’ve been able to draw the concept behind this song, a lot is going on right now and what Aramide wants you to do is say the Truth, no matter how the challenging the situation may seem, even the Bible says you should do the truth and the truth shall set you free. No matter what condition you might seem to find yourself, I know sometimes it might be hard, it could be even be that you ought to lie just to protect yourself but the truth of the matter is, it doesn’t help at all. Say the truth at all times and stay clear of guilt.

Lying is sin, don’t you forget that too, endeavour to say the truth, don’t lie your way through anything, it’s even better to say the truth as you’ll always remember what you say rather than making up stories that you’ll hardly remember.

Adina is kinda new to me, I won’t lie about that, but I really love her voice on this song, it’s so touching, it’s so strong and powerful, I could hardly differentiate from both of their voices, as they sounded unison and it made the song flow in one direction.

This is your #1. hottest Entertainment and lifestyle website I’ll be getting set to premiere the next song, but before that let us download and listen to Aramide ft Adina – Truth and get inspire to tell the truth when you’re tempted to tell a lie sometimes lol!


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