[DOWNLOAD AUDIO] Cynthia Morgan ft Phyno – No Cameras

Cynthia Morgan ft Phyno - No Cameras
Cynthia Morgan ft Phyno - No Cameras
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Cynthia Morgan ft Phyno – No Cameras

Check check check, the time ⌚ is just ehhh the time ⌚ is just what it is, yeah and I’m still your number blogger on your #1.hottest entertainment and lifestyle website, that’s two songs ? talking about Ghana Bounce by Ajebutter and Aramide ft Adina On Their new release titled truth, those two song are actually a wonderful songs that should be able to make it to the top of your playlist.

I’m loving the energy these are artiste are putting to make sure that are continuous stream of good music coming out from them, and it’s our duty to make sure you get this astounding music so you updated and you don’t get bored of old music or listening to the same song over and over again, so different kinds of songs for difference kinds of mood.

Moving on to the next one on my list is Cynthia Morgan, cool Cynthia Morgan is here again with a brand new song ft phyno on a new song titled No cameras, I was wondering why Cynthia Morgan would actually title this song no camera, we’ll maybe just maybe, she had actually gone out, just to catch some free time, and she just wasn’t in the mood to take pictures, stay off public attention, she just wanted to be on the low key.

Maybe that’s why she is coming out on this song to tell you that sometimes I just don’t need no camera, I just want to me, I just want to be myself, I just a human like you, well I don’t really nutter reason why she had said no cameras is best known to her.

There’s a trendy line on her lyrics that is making the Internet right now, she said “Your show money na my shoe money” waoh and Mr. Eazi would just say Zaga That, so you gotta listen to this song and check that line to find our what I’m talking about, and find out why she had that.

Cynthia Morgan wasn’t alone on this song as she is with Phyno, that reminds me of his video which he had recently released a video to his song titled “If To Say” I really love that song, if you follow on my face book you would see that I had drop screenshot from the Visuals, and this pictures are quite captivating, a second look at that pictures would make you want to dash into YouTube and watch the video, I bet you’re gonna love it.

Phyno is also on this song titled cameras??? , No cameras rather, and I just want to leave you guys to feel this new song from Cynthia Morgan, sometimes I do get in that portion of wanting to have my own free time, don’t need attentions I just want everything to be on a low low.

Cynthia Morgan ft Phyno – No cameras is my third song for the day, just enjoy! Don’t forget this is your #1 Hottest Entertainment and lifestyle website www.9jahotstars.com.


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