[DOWNLOAD AUDIO] Davido – If (Ms. Chief Cover)

DOWNLOAD AUDIO Davido - If (Ms. Chief Cover) from your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website www.9jahotstars.com download (Ms. Chief Cover) mp3
Davido - If (Ms. Chief Cover)

Davido – If (Ms. Chief Cover)

Y’all recall sometime last month when I premiered one of her hit songs titled Skushi. Yeah I see the smile in your face, cuz you love that female artiste so much due to the fact that she’s so talented and she’s putting out a lot of energy on her music career even up to this point that she’s storming on the instrumentals of the hottest and trendy song in the country right now which is Davido – If. This is your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website www.9jahotstars.com and this is E blogger and I’m about to premiere Davido – If (Ms. Chief Cover)

I was just going in circles in the studio when I was listening to Davido – If (Ms. Chief Cover) and my colleagues are like Man I hope you’re doing OK, I said I’m perfectly fine but I think I should be admitted because Ms. chief has gotten to me.

No doubt I get addicted to her dope flows because she sees herself to be the hottest female in the industry, I’m not preaching but that’s her ministry right there.

See the Za Zagazao
When I’m on the MIC they’ll bow down
Give me kush, Give me light…..
Feeling the girl, cuz she grind to the flow.

I’ve have so much faith in Ms. Chief cuz I know she really means what she says even when she said she’ll be bringing back that Grammy, a lot of Artiste promised that but they are still on the quest to get it.

Ms. Chief did 40 bars on the song one take, hoe great is that, bet you so wanna know what means, she flowed continuously from start till finish without retaking any lines. She’s a goddess.

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