Download Audio: Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love

Duncan Mighty x Wizkid - Fake Love

Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love

Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love Issa hit collaboration between both artiste, you know i was just imagining how the rhythm of the song would be like, not until when i listened to it!

Yo! ladies and gentlemen, you are now logged on your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website, it is song blast week where we would be premiering non stop songs from both local and international artistes. I don’t think i’ll be moving in the direction which i was intended to, i might just have to break some rules right now. Which is why i had to pick this song Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love as my track

I love this show since when it started, it has given me optimum exposure to varieties of songs around the globe. and now we are just about to listen to another great great song from Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love

Only fake be loving when you have, and when it’s red oh my gosh, they wouldn’t think twice about using the exit door.

I was wondering why it has always been like this in most relationship, i had to seek the opinion of someone on this, and what she said made a whole lot of sense to me. She gave me several reason of which i might not be able to cover all, just so i don’t to get to extend my session on this song.

SO one of those reasons is peer pressure; You know once you don’t  start slaying like you use to, you start hearing sentiments here and there, the ones that are bold enough to come to you would tell you, what are you still doing with this loser. Bad advice! very very bad advice.

Hmmm that’s one another scenario she pointed at is, it might be the fault of the guy, Guess you are wondering how, Yeah yeah don’t worry i’ll tell you that definitely; When you show her that money at the start of your relationship, now what i mean is, now you’ve got a new girlfriend that you want to impress, eating at home becomes a problem, you wanna eat out,You wan show big boy, you are changing clothes as if you’re an artiste, any latest thing that comes out you get, well i’m not saying you shouldn’t look good and to stop doing what makes you happy too. who knows, that might be your lifestyle too, but try to put a balance and create an understanding at that early stage it is very very important and crucial as well.

Eblogger Mypaparazi, your crush blogger keeping it real as always. My session is up and i’m about to sign out… Download Listen and Share your own perspective of this song.

Download Mp3:- Download Audio: Duncan Mighty x Wizkid – Fake Love 

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Eblogger MyPaparazzi signing out of this session, hope to see you on the next song. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.

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