Jaywon - Saro

Song Jaywon – Saro

Yo ladies and gentleman you’re now tuned in to 9jahotstars.com your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website. TGIF The weekend is here, funny how time flies by and I’m glad we are all in this ship of life. I’ve got a couple of great songs lined up just for your listening pleasure over the weekend. And the first song on my list is titled Jaywon – Saro.

Welcome to session once again, I’m Eblogger MyPaparazzi your crush Blogger holding tight the music session of the blog. Once again welcome to 9jahotstars where lifestyle lives. Not enough time to get funny So let’s get on with Jaywon latest song Saro.

The new song by Jaywon Saro is a very very emotional song, and for those of us that has a very soft, tender and hmm (what’s another word I can use to describe this) oh yeah and fragile heart we just wanna be careful alot listening to this song by Jaywon – Saro. And why am I saying this? For those of you that has been in a situation or in better still in a relationship where you gave your all, yes your all, when I mean your all is, you gave your time, supported the relationship with every single penny you’ve got, you were faithful and trustworthy and in the end it was all taken for granted. Those are the set of people this song is talking to.

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There’s a point in our lives where we have to go through relationship lessons. Very few people are lucky with fallen in love with the right people at the very first time they are about to go into relationship. While others have no choice but to go through the hands of wrong partners who would show you the ups and downs of relationship. But the bright side is it grows you, makes you stronger, helps you see other people’s point of view, and how to deal with people.

But the real message behind this song Jaywon – Saro, love tale between two lovers, then all of a sudden just because of money the Lady left his Man (so sad). But sometimes, there are situations where we have the Man leaving the lady just because of another rich lady. Are you this kind of Man, or have you seen this kind of Man before?

Saro lyrics

Jaywon latest song Saro is that song that, 80% of people would listen to and would totally agree that the message behind this song is a true life story.

That’s right baby true life story indeed, I’m currently jamming this song Saro by Jaywon on headset what are you still waiting for? Be sure to check out the next jam I’ll be premiering song titled 2baba ft Peruzzi – Amaka… Signing out See Ya

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