An Unknown Lady Has Said Something Very Disturbing – You can’t smell my fingernails if [See More]

You can’t smell my fingernails if

A Nigerian lady identified as Glory has come under fire after tweeting that if you don’t have a car as a man, then you can’t get anywhere close to her.

The statement, of course didn’t go well with most people on the social media platform, despite going viral, and she is been called out for her seemingly low self-esteem, even by her fellow ladies

@OhemaaGlory tweeted:

If u don’t own a car I will not even let you smell the ends of my fingernails.

See reactions:

And this is the reason why the entire male populace thinks the entire female gender could be bought. Because of shameless remarks like this. If you don’t have a self esteem, please don’t make it difficult for those who do.

Another one:

Don’t worry I feel your must be hard coming from a home where nobody owns even a bicycle…


Comments from girls from a serious poor family background


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