CEO of Ideal Group has reacted to allegations thrown at him by Social media star and millionaire Ibrah. Yesterday, Ibrah accused Mr. Dzani of threatening to harm him if he refuses to delete all the posts he had made on Social media that involves him.

After Ibrah was arrested some weeks ago in connection to some debt he owned a friend and money laundering, the 36-year-old has been on a spree of exposing names of several personalities and making threats to expose a secret of theirs if they do not come out to follow his terms.

To be frank, anyone would admit that, Ibrah always struggles when he’s communicating using the English language, so it becomes difficult to sometimes make a head and tail of what he wants to put out there but in all of it, he seems to suggest that, those names he mentioned are his cronies he has some deals with.

We don’t know what exactly is the relationship he has especially with Mr. Dzani as he always mentions his name and his latest post about him last night, send some shock down our nerves but we can’t conclude anything yet.

A team from Mr.Dzani’s camp in reacting to the story we published said that Mr.Dzani NEVER said all of that Ibrah is accusing him of and that Ibrah had sent countless WhatsApp messages to Mr.Dzani and he never replied to any of them and that they have evidence to back this.

According to the special aid of Mr.Dzani, Ibrah was the one who rather threatened Mr.Dzani that, he was going to expose him and they never imagined he was going to end up faking a Whatsapp message to create a negative impression about Mr. Dzani.

Ibrah is reported to have run away from a psychiatric home after he was admitted there for having some mental issues because of the kind of things he was posting on Social media. His family also issues a statement apologizing to the public for his awkward behavior on Social media.

Although Mr.Dzani has reported Ibrah to the police for defaming him on Social media, Ibrah is currently not in the country, giving him the freedom to post what he likes.

Before publishing this story, more than 2 people have called to state that, the screenshot posted by Ibrah is false and that Ibrah fabricated the chat to paint Mr.Dzani black.

Well, we leave this in the court of public opinion. Whether Ibrah is the one who is being truthful or Mr.Dzani

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