[PHOTOS] Actress Okpala Chisom threatens to commit suicide, reveals ailment she has been suffering from

[PHOTOS] Actress Okpala Chisom
[PHOTOS] Actress Okpala Chisom

Nollywood actress, Okpala Chisom has shared a series of suicidal posts while revealing she’s suffering depression.

Chisom wondered in her post why God won’t heal her of depression. She went on to share emojis of a gun and a crying face. She also wrote: “What if you never get to hear from me again?”

A dark background photo she shared has these words on it ;

Why does God never heal my depression no matter how hard i pray for it? I have never felt so low and depressed in my life, i pray to God for help but i feel like i’m being ignored

Her followers have offered their support and asked her not to do anything rash.


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