Sandra Ankobiah And Omar Sterling
Sandra Ankobiah And Omar Sterling

A few years ago, we realised Sandra Ankobiah and Omar Sterling were madly in love with each other and not even a prophet could foresee their breakup.

The breakup was severe that both parties deleted photos of each other they had posted on their social media pages. They also rubbished every question asked about the other party and never talked about them publicly.

Well, their actions sometimes made people wander if they would ever be friends again. But then, it seems the two are friends again and dating each other. Well, we came across a comment under a post on Instagram and that summed everything up.

One of Sandra Ankobiah’s friends, Captain Planet, posted a video of Sandra on his page. After Trigmatic commented, Captain Planet replied saying Omar Sterling is reading. He could have said this without realising the former couple made it known to the public they were no longer dating each other.

The two are an amazing pair thus it won’t be surprising at all should they be dating again.

One reason why what he said could be true is that Captain Planet and Sandra have been the best of friends recently and probably knows what she is involved in recently. Here’s what transpired

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