The New Minimum Wage Vs The Old Minimum – Dollar Comparison Edition

The New Minimum Wage Vs The Old Minimum
Will Nigerians actually have a higher purchasing power, looking at the commodity price index and inflation in the last decade.
Even though the money seemed to have increased by 12,000 Naira, realist compare the difference in the new minimum wage vs the old minimum wage in dollars and there are some hard truths to accept.
in 2010, the minimum wage was 18,000 Naira which is equals to $122, In 2019 the new minimum wage is 30,000 which is equal to $82, which in reality it is going from bad to worst.
Years back, what you could afford with 18,000 is nearly impossible to get with 50,000 Now.

Can we say the 30,000 is the best government can offer?

Our Senators and executive members can’t even fuel their car with 30k

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