Tottenham vs Chelsea - Three key Battle that will decide

This one that chelsea is just busy destroying all other premier league teams it seems like this season was specially created for them. Well all i just have to say is God is watching them i was glancing through a post yesterday when i stumbled on this so let’s get entertained before we review Tottenham vs Chelsea – Three key Battle that will decide. A Fan said and i quote “One thing I love about the Current Chelsea
team is that we have goalscorers
If Costa isn’t scoring, Hazard will
If Hazard isn’t scoring, Moses will
If Moses isn’t scoring, Pedro will
If Pedro isn’t scoring, Willian will
If Willian isn’t scoring, Fabregas will
If Fabregas isn’t scoring , That’s Why we
have Cahill as our Captain.
And if it’s against Manchester United, Call
N’Golo Kante.

I didn’t say it ooo, so nobody should call my name or involve @9jahotstars . Okay let’s go back to what we think about the Tottenham vs Chelsea – Three key Battle that will decide.

…………… Wanyama vs Kante this will be an intrigue battle between the two players who are both physical, don’t just hold your breath on this one. the Tottenham’s middle will be brutish and raw. Chelsea will not risk overrunning the tottenham midfield by playing Cesc Fabregas This battle was very engaging in the first leg. The Spurs men were on top in the first half but the Chelsea crew stepup in the second half. It promises to be a real battle

…………… David Luiz vs. Harry Kane Expect a very intense battle between the two harry Kane is on-fire the England striker and the Physical Chelsea sweeper is now a compose defender who is not afriad of going into tackle. Kane will try to make it hard for the chelsea man but a compose david Luiz will have non of that i expect this to be a real battle between Kane and luiz .

………… Toby Alderweireld vs. Diego Costa The Premier League’s leading scorer will come up against a good and very physical defender in Alderweireld.he is one of those who missed the first leg at Stamford Bridge where Costa assited the winner for Victor Moses. The Belgian will have a tough task of ensuring that “Diego costa does not get too much space at goal, or they will be punish i expect a very physical battle from both.

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Post Written By: Emmanuel Eniola Aguaze


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