Blood Sweat And Tears

Harri Obi  an Award Winning TV Host and Producer, who had recently took to social media to announce his newly set up eponymous production company (Harri Obi Productions) which i must admit drew enormous attention from across all social medias.

Now even though the company was newly launched, we all can testify to the tremendous response and engagement it received, with such a glamorous start off, everyone is sure on the look out for what is next. and what is next!!! is just about to hit you.

Harri Obi Productions [HoP™] is teaming up with film maker and DOP extra-extraordinaire, Michael Onah of Lenix Multimedia for his indie production debut, a new TV show titled ‘Blood Sweat And Tears’.

‘Blood Sweat And Tears’ is a youth-focused TV Show that is aimed at highlighting and celebrating the struggles and successes which some young entrepreneurs experience in their entrepreneurial journey.

The TV show is the first of a slew of content production projects planned by the duo. Under the partnership, while both will executive-produce, Lenix multimedia would handle Directing and HoP™ would take charge of Production.

A youth-focused TV Show that is celebrating the struggles and successes other entrepreneurs in the society, that’s a welcoming development, as this will encourage the youth in the society not to be expecting from the society but sit up and either contribute or impact positively to the development and betterment to the society.

Which in future time they will be remembered and celebrated for playing such important role during their entrepreneurial journey.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for more updates and information from team Harri Obi Productions and Lenix Multimedia.

Stay tuned for more updates… 

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