kizz Daniel Fvck You
kizz Daniel Fvck You

With the rate at which celebrities are jumping on the kizz Daniel fvck You challenge, it is indeed no doubt the most trending song of the moment, but that’s not our major concern. What we are most concerned about right now is the fact that #FvckYouChallenge is gradually shifting the focus in the Nigerian Music Industry from the current Zanku (legwork) which was initiated by the ZANKU CROONER ZLATAN.

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We all know that Zlatan came into spotlight in 2018 with his hit song Zanku (Legwork) which according to his claim in the Burna Boy assisted hit single “Killing Dem” faded the popular dance step Shaku Shaku which was on the trend as at that time.

Now the question of the day is this? Is the kizz Daniel Fvck You doing more Harm than Good Or Doing More Good than Harm?

First perspective: Doing more harm than good

First of all, let’s look at the “F” word. Back in the days, it was really an offensive word to say out in the public, you would be extremely cautious especially when you have a kid around.

It could spark up a misunderstanding if used wrongly among friends or in a meeting. On Radio and Tv, vulgar words like FVCK YOU, SHIT, NIGGA are being censored for public hearing so as to guide children below 18 from being exposed to words that are inappropriate.

The words FVCK YOU is mostly used in foreign countries which is kinda like the opposite to how we are being taught to say certain thing back here in the country.

Nigeria is a country that is well known for good culture and heritage as well as being modest, saying vulgar words like FVCK YOU totally goes against the morale of a typical Nigerian Parent towards raising a child as children of these generation now have access to listen to this song FVCK YOU.

Is The Kiss Daniel Fvck You Song an insult to our culture? share your opinion using the comment box below.

Second Perspective: Doing More Good than Harm?

Arguably, The Shaku Shaku, Zanku (LEGWORK) and host of other past trends have been constantly downplaying real talents in the Nigerian Music Industry. Real talents Who have been compelled to put out mediocre contents and shallow lyrics to keep up with the pattern which the music industry has been restructured into.

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And this has also negatively affected the careers of most music veterans in Nigeria. Recently Waje came out to express her disappointment in the circumstances surrounding the poor structure of the Music Industry which doesn’t allow artiste that put out professional contents benefit from their good works.

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But despite the inappropriate title of this song FVCK YOU, the trend has given many talented Nigerian artiste the opportunity to showcase their creativity other than putting out shaku shaku music.

Even if we know that fuck you is vulgar word it is so funny because these words are already on the streets and people tend to use it wrongly, not minding who they are saying it to.

It is a common thing with Nigerians copying words from the whites. Back then the words fuck you could sound very insulting when being said to you, but due to how it is becoming an every day word, it is now seen as a normal thing

Though some might wonder what the song is all about because of it’s title, some people say that the song came from Kizz Daniel’s personal experiences, Some strongly believe that it’s just an expression of art since his last four songs in a row were about ladies, Some say kizz Daniel was trying to pass a message indirectly to people close to him at some point in his life

there are speculations that the song is being directed to Nigerian singer Chidinma precisely. And the list goes on…

But what really made the song trend was because of the fact that majority of his fans were able to relate the message on the song with their personal experiences which even led to the different covers and skits we’ve been seeing all over social media. Popular artistes were not left out as we had the likes of M.I,  CDQ, Vector Tha viper, Skibii, Dremo, Qdot, Demmie Vee, Tiwa savage, Sarkodie , Lil Kesh, Lyta and a host of other superstars jump on the instrumental for the FvckYouChallenge and the original version by Kizz Daniel – Fvck You [DOWNLOAD AUDIO]

A writer once said it will come to a point when the media influence would play a major role in determining how we think and act, clearly we’ve reached that point.

And it’s safe to say not all songs should be available for public consumption.

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