J’Something pens down breathtaking message to wife – “It’s an honour being your man”

Celebrity chef and singer, J’ Something blows off his wife’s feet through a breathtaking message he shared on Instagram.

Recently, J shared a sweet song he composed and performed to his wife on social media.

On Saturday, J’Something shared a captivating message dedicated to his wife.

“I have achieved a lot of things in this lifetime but none of them come close to winning your heart over and making you mine. One of the most special creations God did in my opinion was that of a union. A union between a man and a woman becoming one. I don’t ever feel like an individual anymore. I’m a half. You the other. We are one. You’re obviously the better one … 😂 It’s an honor being your man, it’s a gift being loved by you … I hope that everyday I can show you a mere glimpse of God’s character, a mere portion of His immense love for you. I hope that by me loving you the way I do you get to learn the intensity of Gods love for us … I love you SO much!”


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