9jahotstars Mobile Android Logo

It literally no shocking news! that we are set to release our mobile app for our website 9jahotstars. it is really not much of a surprise due to the fact that information had already gone out through our social media pages and this has sparked up speculations and reactions from diverse angles.

Which is why we want to officially make the announcement on the website that we are getting ready to launch our first mobile app on Google Playstore.

We couldn’t express enough joy and appreciation to everyone that has joined in the anticipation of our mobile. We first rolled out snapshot graphics on our social media to make a low-key announcement. Here are the photos

9jahotstars Mobile Android App 9jahotstars Mobile Android App

But to our uttermost surprise it really did turned out to be massive, and these are some of the repost we got;


We do appreciate everybody that is supporting us, and know that your support has got has to this point, and we shall continue to offering quality service.

And before we forgot the reason why we came here; Here’s the Official Mobile logo For The Android App.

In our next publication, we will be releasing the official date to launch 9jahotstars Android App on Playstore.



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