How To Buy Used Toyota Corolla Car

How To Buy Used Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is traditionally one of the most desired and reliable golf-class cars on the secondary market.

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  • The body isn’t prone to corrosion.
  • The cars before the restyling had the problem with nozzles of headlight washers. Later models don’t have this problem anymore.

Jiji Toyota Corolla


  • VVT-i’s variable valve timing system on 1.6-liter engines does not cause any problems.
  • The oil dipstick should be checked regularly since it can burn up to 1-2 liters within 10 thousand km.
  • Pre-styling models had problems with the coolant pump and packing gland of the timing chain tension machine – they leaked.
  • Factory spark plugs are made of iridium, their real exploitation time is about 100 thousand kilometers.

Jiji Toyota Corolla

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The mechanical gearbox and the automatic transmission are practically flawless. However, the robotic box in the pre-styling Toyota Corolla was quite prone to sudden jerks and shocks when switching as well as to spontaneous transfer to neutral transmission or overheating of friction clutch linings.
These problems are normally solved by changing the clutch actuator and release bearing, as well as the box control along with the new firmware. After this, the robotic box usually stops breaking down.

Jiji Toyota Corolla


The only unsuccessful detail is the steering column. Over time, the backlash and the gear of the steering shaft start to


In addition, other defects were also noticed in early Corollas before restyling: fast wear of the anti-roll bar bushings and the support bearings of the front shock absorbers.

Jiji Toyota Corolla


Electrical equipment on these cars is very reliable and does not cause any problems in operation. However, the retractor relay of the starter often went out of order in the pre-styling


Jiji Toyota Corolla


The quality of the plastic leaves much to be desired – it creaks. In the cars before restyling, the roof sometimes leaked, and the water would spoil the upholstery of the ceiling.

The defect was eliminated during the upgrade of the car.

Jiji Toyota Corolla

If you decide to buy used pre-styling Corolla, don’t expect to enjoy the automatic transmission. Smaller 1.4 and 1.3 engines should also be avoided – they provide very poor overclocking!

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