Reaching your full potential
Reaching your full potential

Reaching your full potential to improve your life

Personal self-fulfillment is a complex process that depends on many factors. And it’s these factors that people usually blame when something just doesn’t work out. But in fact, it’s all about us. Our possibilities are much bigger than we may imagine.

We are all actors on the same stage

We are all actors and we all play different roles according to various circumstances. At one point we are sons and daughters, at another – students working on essay writing using a web site , at yet another – we are customers etc. But most people don’t take any part in creating the said circumstances and, as a result, don’t prepare the roles they play.

More often than not, people don’t realize they can choose their own stage and decide who they want to be and how they want to act – they let others do that for them.

The fact that you played a certain role in the past doesn’t mean you are tied to it. Let yourself grow and stop living in a box.

Get to know yourself

After you start shaping your environment to suit your needs and decide what kind of roles you want to play (expressive writing may help you with that), you will be able make a leap in your personal and professional growth. The process is quite simple:

  • Set a goal.
  • Dedicate yourself to it, trying to get in to situations that correspond with your goal.
  • Determine the roles you’ll have to play in these situations.
  • Play your role until it becomes yourself.
  • Keep in touch with people who support you on your way to your goals.

How can you recognize your goal?

As soon as you realize what you really want, your goals will start to become reality. How? When you determine what your desires are, it would mean that you have already created your stage set. After that, you can start working on a plot, details and characters that take part in your play. The most important ones are, of course, your own characters and roles. Think of the way you want your story to go.

While there’s no certainty, you won’t be able to consciously shape your environment. To make your growth goal-oriented, you must clearly see what you want to become during your next life’s stage.

This doesn’t mean that you must build many long-term plans. This way you’ll only set restrictions for yourself in advance, which significantly limits your potential. Make your short-term goals clear and realistic. Do you want to build a career in professional writing? Improving writing skills step by step might be a good strategy – for example, by creating a blog.

How can you make reaching goals inevitable?

Many people move towards their goals and personal growth the hard way. They try to fight against circumstances instead of trying to change them. But if you want to change something and rely only on your willpower, you won’t be able to make a breakthrough.

In case you’ve set yourself a grand goal that doesn’t really correspond with your current possibilities, you won’t reach it using your willpower alone. You’ll need a new environment that will naturally generate your intermediate goals – that is, you need to create circumstances that will force you to grow and become better than you are now. And after you create them, your goal achieving attitude will come naturally.

Willpower is good when you leave your comfort zone willing to give it a try.

What kind of role do your circumstances require?

The thing is, in any situation, whatever you do, you play a role. Your behavior and roles you play when interacting with others affect your goals. Determine what kind of roles you are going to play, even if the nature of these roles does not correspond with your own.

Remember: your authentic role is what you want to be. Your vision of this role can even influence you on a biological level. When you change a certain part of your life, all the rest get transformed as well, gaining new properties.

Become one whole with your role

You can develop almost any skill or trait to perfection. If you want, you can become a musician, a professional writer (there must be a reason you work so hard on all that paper writing), an educator, a businessman…
When it comes to skills and abilities, your potential is unlimited. If you have a clear and well-defined goal, if you have created the right environment and determined the roles you want to play, all you have to do is to act like you are already the person you want to become.

Making a leap this huge isn’t easy. You’ll live under pressure, you’ll feel like a fish out of water, but sooner or later you’ll adapt to the new circumstances. You’ll play your role so naturally that you won’t need to pretend any longer.

Work on your relationships with people

You can’t live your roles unless you have the support of your friends and mentors you really trust.

The correct way to success is paved thanks to a narrow circle of like-minded people. It’s deep and strong relationships with a few trusted people who give you their support, encouragement, feedback and disinterested assistance – in short, just what you need to achieve your goals.

Conclusion: big leap into the unknown

Breakthroughs and changes are possible. Your personal growth doesn’t have to be gradual; it may be quite steep. You are capable of making a radical, significant improvement.

You jump into the unknown by getting into complicated situations that literally force you to become a better person. In situations like these, you need to determine who you want to be and start acting like future and better self in advance.

Your potential is endless. Your personality is flexible. The choice is always yours.


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