About Yesterday

So, I ran into this old flame of mine, Mr N. No sooner had he seen me did he start apologizing and explaining, “I changed my phone so I lost your contacts, I asked ur sister for it and she refused, blah blah blah, We really need to talk, The attitude I displayed was so unbecoming of me, blah blah blah”. My job was to stand there and stare. Let me tell you about Mr N.
I met him October last year, and after d usual shakara, we got close by November.  He was oh-so-loving, oh-so-caring & oh-so-protective. My friend’s who were in ‘protective relationships’ kept telling me “Thats how you know a guy is serious about you, U better stop playing around o” and I was like “Oshe, no b this type I bin dey find nah”. I could be hanging out with my friends and Mr N would just call.
HIM: Where are you?
ME: I’m hanging out with my friends at..
HIM: (cuts in)Get back to hostel immediately.  Like, right now.
ME: But we are all girls here.
HIM: I said, get back to the hostel.
ME: (in my mind) WTF?!!!
Mr N worked in shifts. There’s this particular week he was on night shift. He’ll work all night, then get back in the morning and crash. My job was to call him when he got back in the morning, whether he picks the call or not. On this particular morning, I forgot to call. I was still a student, for goodness sake, and there is something called ‘8 o’clock class’. After the class, I was on my way to the faculty when the phone rang.
ME: Hello
HIM: I woke up, checked my phone, and saw no missed call from you. Why?
ME: I’m sorry, I forgot. I was rushing for an early morning class.
HIM: So even when you were walking from the hostel to the class,  you couldn’t try calling? U mean to tell me I didn’t run through your mind at all this morning? Is that it?
ME: (in my mind)Abasi mmi mbok.
Oh, did I mention that he had this ‘tracking device’ he used to know my exact whereabouts and that if i mistakenly slept without saying goodnight too, casala don burst. It so happened this day that Mr N told me he’ll be back from work by 12am, and that he wants to talk to me before sleeping. Now, the socket in my corner was faulty,  so I was charging my phone in my roommates corner. I increased my volume to the loudest so I could hear my phone ring even if I was in the highest realm of my sleep. But I had very caring roommates, who will silence ur phone for you so you don’t miss that dream. Mr N called, and my roommate ‘helped’ me put my phone on silent. I woke up in the morning and saw seven missed calls, my friend just started consoling me in advance.
ME: Good morning.
HIM: What is good about the morning? So u slept on purpose, so that i will look like a fool and be wasting my time to call you? As in, you can close your eyes and sleep without hearing from me. Is that it?
ME: (in my mind) This has got to stop.
After that conversation, I told myself ‘My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me?’.
I was fed up. I needed an excuse to get out. So I did something I wouldnt do. Snooping. Phone calls, text messages, everything. My efforts paid off o. I found out that when Mr N relocated from Calabar to Uyo, due to work, he left a certain missy over there, and they still communicated on a regular. I couldn’t be happier for this recent development.  So, I planned a confrontation.
ME: So, who’s Precious?
HIM: What do you mean?
ME: Who’s Precious? And why do u forward her messages to me, that’s plagiarism.
HIM: Babe, why did you do this? Its so unlike you. Precious is someone I used to know. She’s in my past.
ME: If your past is still keeping in touch with you in your present, then we’re so done.
I still thank God for leaving there with my head on my shoulders. He tried contacting over the months but please, once bitten twice shy abeg. Seeing him again after one year did not still help matters, I told him its nice running into him but I’m not ready for the extra baggage that comes with being attached to him.
Seriously though, me ladies, an overprotective guy can make you feel loved, and cared for, make you feel like he is scared of losing you, but if he always keeps you at attention, my dear, that’s not love o. It is fear. That tingling you get in your stomach whenever his name appears on your caller ID, it is fear. How about the ones that keep forming protective yet are getting a lil action on the side?, they will make you lose all your ‘MTN backup plans’ then bail on you, making you overcome by grief. I’m not saying Snoop on him, nope, I’m just saying be mindful of the kind of relationship you stay in.
Do have a lovely day FAM.


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