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What are you thinking? It aint a joke at all and i must tell you that the Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars was a blast i mean to say a bomb as i am short of words to describe how overwhelmed i am with this Easter celebration.

We started planning for this Easter on Tuesday 11th of April 2017 and we unleashed our plans as follows:

We had our normal brain storming section/how to improve our blog section to be able to entertain you and keep our promise of being your #1 Hottest Entertainment and Lifestyle Companion and i must tell you that the session is currently number one on Forbes list lolz.

Saturday came and oh yes we went for a mentoring session with Dr Impact GVU of ISI (Impact Stars International) which recorded tremendous success as the need for we to hold our self accountable for our action, distinguish between short and long term goals, Control the role of emotions in our teaming and most especially learn how to manage our various role in the company was well emphasized.

As if that was the End of the Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars, we had a another blast with our head Sport analyst Oblogger celebrating his birthday on that same day and it was quite exciting as we led him to Shoprite to grab some snacks but later checked into an event directly opposite the film house cinemas (What is the name self oooo still trying to remember ) before we finally decided to climax our day as we prepared ourself to have a blast at The CROSS CONCERT in Teslim Balogun Stadium the next day.

Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars


Sunday came and after our church service we ran straight up to the cross concert and i must tell you that Pastor Wale Adenuga and Tope Alabi i will like to call her Bishop Tope Alabi left me in high spirits as the engineered there way into my heart with there wonderful ministration and BloggerLee/Bloggercious where just there shout woo. woo, woo like bingo but all the same it was the spirit in action.

Finally monday came but BloggerLee was busy with blog Oblogger was sobering from the two(2) Nil thrashing his team Chelsea got from my team Manchester United and Bloggercious went out with prolific and versatile producer Hanno of the UHMgang to the film house cinema’s to watch a blockbuster by  RMD titled, she has went to the toilet when she is back i will tell you. I decided to relax myself Until World’s Number #1 Dj VickySlim decided to pop up at our place and Blogger suggested we went on outing since i was less busy and we landed our self in Eleko beach in no time to continue the enjoy of this year’s Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars.

Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars


Well i guess this were my love letter of the Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars Ends and at this juncture i will include the closure sentence

Yours Sincerely,

Eblogger your Favourite blogger at 9jahotstars.com your  #1 hottest Entertainment and lifestyle website.

Thank you from it’s bloggercious.

Easter Celebration With Team 9jahotstars





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