Olorun(God) is involved
Mr.Ledan was surfing the net with his BlackBerry Bold 5 in the living room when he noticed sounds from the kitchen, knowing his wife was in the kitchen, he went to see what was going on. When he got close to the kitchen, he stopped abruptly and started working slowly so as not to disrupt whatever his wife was doing. He got to the kitchen door and stood to listen to his wife who was backing him while turning tuwo and at the same time singing.

Imabong was singing a particular traditional song, though she changed the contents of the songs by relating it to the currents happenings around her;
“One and one are identical twin babies of Okoye who in later years grew up to legendary fame and prosperity in music”
“Two is like the two major illness, Ebola and AIDS which attacked Nigeria recently”
“Three is like three major ethnic groups dominating Nigeria since independence”
“Four is four months my Igala love used to woo me before I accepted his heart”
“Five is 5am, the time I wake up every morning to prepare my husband’s food before he goes to work”
“Six is like Number 6(brain), which many people have but fail to use most times”
“Seven is like seventh heaven my husband takes me too whenever we sporosporo at night”…

“I.D!”(pet name ledan calls his wife meaning Imabong Dear), Ledan who have been silently observing his wife with great awe and admiration suddenly found his voice, you never seem to amaze me!, Ledan exclaimed, first you still work with this your conditions despite all my plea for you to rest, and now you’re doing your work with more vigor than ever, he uttered happily, most women would have become as lazy as anything from day one of their pregnancy, he concluded.
“My Igala love, you are more amazing!”, she uttered, “it still surprises me how a whole Crown Princess of Nigeria like me fell for a local champion with dozen marks like you”, she said smirking her face. “What?”, Ledan exclaimed feigning anger, “anyway that’s the power of words and my uncommon brain”, he said hands akimbo before pointing to his forehead.

“Haha!, that’s why I love you Ima mi, anyway what were you doing in the living room before I interrupted you?” She added. “I was busy rocking 9jahotstars.com”, he began, “Audrey Timms just posted another update of UNFULFILLED PROMISE”, he continued, “that guy is the bomb! ,he is an encyclopedia of knowledge!” Ledan added. “Guy?”, Imabong asked surprised, “you mean Audrey?”, she asked again to make sure she heard well. “Yes, of course!”, Ledan chorused. “Audrey isnt a guy o, I don’t blame you though because Audrey is unisex”, she explained.

“Wow!, so she was a lady all this while?”, he asked rhetorically. “No wonder I’ve been having weird feelings”, he blurted out. “Feelings?, Mr.man what do you mean?”, Imabong asked in a commanding tone. “I mean I’ve been feeling her story”, Ledan weakly defended. “Come to think of it, Vicevames looks so cool”, she paused to see her reaction then continued, I wish I was the Mirabel in his story “PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER”, she concluded with a victorious tone. “Darling I’m sorry, please don’t crush on anyone ooo…..” Before he could finish his speech, Imabong began making whimpering sounds
“Aww! Aww! Ouch!”, She cried out. “I.D, what is it?”, he asked in a shaky voice. “The babies are coming”, she managed to whisper, “Our twins are here”, she said appearing to struggle with pains and excitement. “Hold on dear, I’ll be right back”, he said with a tone of assurance while running to the bedroom to get his car keys.
“Goalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll! Yes! Yes! Yes! They are really the Dream Team IV”, Mr.Akande was celebrating jumping up and down his living room while his pregnant wife watched on in awe. “Oko mi Oooo, take it easy nah, you men and football self.. Are they paying you ni?, I’ve never seen you dance like this in Church before”, Medina commented on her husband’s jubilations.

“Aya mi”, Akande called his wife grinning, “you women ain’t patriotic at all!”, he jokingly reprimanded her. Don’t you see how great this lads are playing?”, he asked rhetorically, ” thats why i have to show them some love”, he explained. “Should I give them the love I have for you leaving you with no… Ah! Eh!”, she was stopped abruptly by sudden feelings of pains as she touched her stomach.

“Aya mi, kilo sele”, Akande who have have by now suspended his dancing asked his wife with a confused look on his face. “I think it’s here at last, the baby is here at last, out joy is here”, she kept uttering with joy to no one in particular almost in joyful tears. Mr Akande grabbed the car keys from the table and made to leave with his wife, then stooped abruptly and looked up to the ceiling saying, “After 13 years of waiting, Olorun is really involved in our lives”


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